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Grackle is a trickster deity that is known to take on many forms. He or she or even it - is believed to frequently take the shape of an animal or a beastfolk in order to sew the seeds of chaos that will keep Man on his toes.

Some believe it may actually be a very powerful and immortal druid.

Revered by many druids. Also revered by beastfolk who want to get back at Man for the years of slavery and magical experimentation that have been inflicted upon them.

Does not directly offer powers to followers.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Symbol - a small black bird, believed to be its favored form



I think it would be

I think it would be interesting if the favored form of Grackle was a grackle - an animal that various cultures describe differently, but which very few claim to have ever actually seen. There could be a cycle of Grackle-stories, constantly growing, like the stories around Coyote or Raven or Anansi.