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Willem Analore

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(Willem Analore NG male human Wizard (diviner) 5/Rogue 4/Red Currant Seeker 3)

Willem Analore is the secret child of a mother from the wizard caste and father from the warrior caste of Sascria. His mother was one of the most skilled members of the School of Omniscience, a wizard's guild that focused its research on divination magic. Twenty years before the fall of magic began, she had foreseen signs that the reduction in power was coming soon. Wanting a child that could survive whatever the world would put before him, she gave in to the attraction she had felt for one of the soldiers assigned to guarding the School's facilities.

Willem was raised in the traditions of the wizard's caste because no one but his mother and father knew that his real father was among the caste of soldiers. His mother had convinced another wizard that had always searched for her attention that she loved him and had conceived Willem with him. When the collapse of magic finally came, Willem was introduced to his real father and taken away from the capital to learn the ways of the warrior. Willem learned a great deal about the dangers and changing nature of the world from his adventures with his father. It was a lesson he learned too well when his father was killed by beasts that were no longer under magical control of their handlers.

For the last several years, Willem has endeavored to study the exact nature of magic. He attempts to expand his limited wizardly abilities while also gaining new experiences in fighting for survival as he travels around the world.

Willem Analore is a character I intend to develop as a signature character for the setting that I can use in games that expose players to the Dark Golden Age setting.

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Ok, I am thinking,

Ok, I am thinking, simplistically, of the following analogies:

School of Omniscience : CIA
Willem Analore : Jason Bourne

Now, forget the amnesia part, but I think it would be interesting if this signature character's relationship with the School turned antagonistic when he learns X secret about the School that they don't want anyone to know. Willem needs to part ways, and gets his hands on a magic item that provides Nondetection, etc.

Feel free not to use these ideas, I just enjoy setting things up to be adventure seeds, and I really see the Dark Golden Age as a time when, among other things, magical organizations would become very concerned with holding onto what power they have in the face of decline - and that never brings out a person's better side...

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Willem Analore - secret agent

I like it. :)