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The Collapse

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The Collapse is the term that people use to refer to the rapid decline of magic. There is no specific event that seems to have triggered it (or at least as far as anyone has determined), but it was fast and devastating. No divine magic of any sort - clerics, paladin spells, druids, ranger spells, etc. - existed prior to the Collapse.

Collapse - Day 0 to Day 90
The Collapse happened very rapidly with the complete failure of magic in all forms - spellcasters lost their ability to cast spells, magic items stopped working, etc. Many spellcasters died in riots by humans, in reprisals from beastfolk, and from rampaging monsters.

Collapse - Day 90 to end of Year 1
Some casters seem to have regained their ability to cast spells, but it is uncertain as to why. Many of them that do prefer to hide out of fear. More spellcasters die, primarily in reprisals from beastfolk but still some from rampaging monsters.

Collapse - Year 2
It is figured out how some casters are still able to cast spells, and these methods are able to be utilized by more casters. Some of these sacrifice something of their own in order to be able to still do magic. Others choose to sacrifice something of other beings. The only magic items that work are those that were deep below ground in ruins, dungeons, and perhaps the occasional vault during the Collapse. Divine magic has come into being.

Collapse - Year 3
This is the present time period within the setting.

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I really like the idea that

I really like the idea that players who play divine casters in the DGA are numbered among a very few others, and as they level, they are going to be the most powerful divine casters around.

It is also interesting to have a setting wherein there aren't things like resurrection or other powerful divine spells - until the PCs, or other powerful characters, earn them. But at first, the PC cleric with Cure Light wounds is a genuine miracle-worker - and that's part of what was cool about the early days of Dragonlance, for example. Magical healing was made interesting and valuable again.

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Don't forget bards ;)

They also get CLW, but I get what you're saying. ;)


Interesting - so for hundreds of years, the only source of magical healing would have been Bards. That in itself might have some impact on the setting, but is also probably for another day.

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I'm finally getting around to reading more of the Advanced Player's Guide, and it turns out that Alchemists can brew Cure Light Wounds extracts. They are theoretically alchemical, but their effects can be dispelled with Dispel Magic. That doesn't make them magical though. This means there was probably an increase in popularity of alchemists after the Collapse.

I wonder if the situation

I wonder if the situation pre-Collapse might have been that Bards did a lot of what clergy would normally do - foster social cohesion, be leaders in cultural rituals and observances, that sort of thing. They likely would have kept histories and lore, and would also have been sources of information exchange pre and post-Collapse.

I could see Bards and divine casters having some conflict, interestingly, even within the religions of the DGA.