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This page is to link all the various beastfolk races in one place.

bySwarm Beastfolk

OGL Races

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The "common" tongue for Beastfolk

I've been thinking about making Sylvan the "common" language for Beastfolk. It may not have been invented by them, but it could have developed over time as their code language that many of their human masters would not have known.

Does that make sense? Should we give all the beastfolk races Sylvan as a bonus or available language?

I think this is a good point

I think this is a good point - we probably shouldn't go and invent a load of new languages - we have enough to do with dialects for the various countries of Gondal. Sylvan makes sense, probably more than the other options. Maybe Sylvan was the language spoken by the people that Sascrian mages used as fodder for their Beastfolk experiments, and they retained facility with the language? I can see Sascrian Transmuters rounding up Sylvan-speaking natives from the wild places in their own country for use in creating Beastfolk, especially if they were viewed as more "primitive" than the Sascrians.

Beast Language

Maybe Sylvian was the language they spoke to each other before humans messed with them, humans just did not know that. That would give all beastfolk a commonality before humans.

Arcanically-Uplifted Apes

Looking at this, instead of Simians, what about Arcanically-Uplifted Apes? Maybe they were the first experiments Sascria did, seeing if they could magically induce intelligence in 'lesser' creatures. What do you think?