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The Bostaurus were some of the most popular Beastfolk for the pits. From the time of their original creation until the Collapse, they underwent nearly continuous modifications. These modifications created a powerful, proud race with physical abilities greater than that of other Beastfolk, though these abilities came at a price.


Bostaurus are a proud people. They are proud of their heritage as the greatest pit fighter, and proud at their contributions to the overthrow of the mageocracy. While they are slow to anger, once their blood runs hot they are implacable foes.

Physical Description

Bostaurus are a tall, broad species. They are naturally strong, and their physical definition represents it well with heavily defined musculature. 


Bostaurus get along well with anyone who treats them respectfully. Given their stature, that includes most people they come in contact with. They distain those who would run from a fight, or who cower in fear. Showing ones bravery is the quickest way to gain the respect of a Bostaurus.

Alignment and Religion

Bostaurus don't tend towards any particular alignment. However, they have an almost religious reverence for acts of bravery and courage. They constantly set themselves against that standard in everything that they do.


Bostaurus often take the roll of the Barbarian or Fighter. They are well suited to both rolls. Less often, they will take the mantle of a ranger, and wage war against a race that has wronged them. It is rare to find a Bostaurs who casts magic.



Racial Traits

+4 Strength, +2 Con, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma.  Bostaurus are strong and enduring, though some of their bovine heritage remains in their personalities and reasoning processes.

[4pt] Horns: Bostaurus have a set of fearsome horns, which can be used to make a gore attack. This attack deals 1d6 damage.

[3pts] Charge!: When a Bostaurus charges, he receives a +1 racial bonus on a single melee attack made at the end of the charge. Additionally, he receives a +1 racial bonus on a single CMB roll to bull rush at the end of a charge.


[-1pt] Stubborn: Bostaurus were modified not to resist their magic-wielding masters. Bostaurus have a -2 save modifier to all [Mind-affecting] spells.

[1pt] Night-Eyed: Bostaurus have low-light vision

[10pt] Improve racial stat bonus from +2 to +4 (strength)

[8pts] Add +2 to a stat that lacks it in a category that already has a bonus (con)

[2pts] Sturdy - Bostaurus receive a +2 racial bonus to their Combat Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush or trip attempt while standing on the ground.

[-2] -2 to negate a mental bonus (Int)

[-2] -2 to a stat that already has an adjustment (Int)

23 points

Bostaurus are more powerful than other races, and a level one Bostaurus is equivalent to a level two core race. This level adjustment provides 1d10 racial hitpoints, a +1 racial bab, a +1 base racial save bonus to reflex and will saves, racial skills equal to 4+int modifier. Racial class skills of Climb, Craft, Fly, Intimidate, Perception, Ride, Stealth, Survival, and Swim. Proficiency with all simple weapons.


Base stats before adjustment: +2 Str, +2 Int, -2 Cha



Bostaurus speak Common.



The more I look at this, the

The more I look at this, the more I think that the Bostarus should have 2d10 racial hit dice. Since they're monstrous humanoids, that would also give them +2 bab, +2 refles and will saves, 4+int skills per hit die, with climb, craft, fly intimidate, perception, ride, stealth, survival, and swim as class skills. And as monstrous humanoids, they should have darkvision.


That puts them more on equal footing with the gnoll, which is the same level adjustment.

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If at all possible, we should

If at all possible, we should avoid level adjustment as Paizo's Complete Races book will have specific mechanics for creating new races. They have said that the mechanics and included races will only be races without racial HD. I'd like to make a hyena-folk that is essentially a gnoll without the racial HD. Racial HD just make things messy for PCs. :)

Well, until that book comes

Well, until that book comes out, if we want to keep the +4 bonus to strength, then the Bostarus will have to be level adjusted. After it comes out, I imagine we'll go through and adjust all the races to fit the mechanics there as much as possible.

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The playtest is supposed to

The playtest is supposed to come out this fall, so we'll have plenty of time to adjust until right before it's officially published.

What's interesting, I guess,

What's interesting, I guess, is whether we want to keep the Bostarus as a level adjusted race even after the playtest comes out. Remember, it was originally chosen and statted out as the beastfolk version of the level adjusted orc for the reincarnate spell. If we end up reducing the Bostarus to a non-adjusted race, we'll have to start over again statting up another race as level-adjusted if we want to keep reincarnate on equal footing with its core counterpart.

If there isn't some kind of

If there isn't some kind of note in the new Paizo races book on how Reincarnate will work with non-level-adjusted races, I'd say we should just keep the Bostaurus.

I'm not looking forward to all the work of re-adjusting all of the beastfolk races, but of course we'll have to, and then we'll also have a way for players in the DGA to create their own beastfolk races as well (which I think should be a feature of the setting)


@ Mike: I think we should just have Gnolls reskinned as hyena-beastfolk, honestly, unless there are big changes  you were thinking of for how the race works.  We already have a list of other beastfolk who are OGL, and the Gnolls could be one more

Eh, once we get some playtest

Eh, once we get some playtest material, I should be able to do most of the tweaking myself. It's one of those things that I enjoy, so you should be able to minimize your time on it and spend it doing something you like :)

Of the time I spend on

Of the time I spend on bySwarm, I do like the tweaking bit a lot - just check out the write-ups for my long-winded comments :)

I was just kind of thinking, man, after all that work - I hope it isn't a load of things to change.  I basically agree with Mike - I imagine that their guidelines for new races will look a lot like what they had on the forums, which we were using.

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I'm willing to bet that the

I'm willing to bet that the playtest will have mechanics very similar to what we've already used as the basis for our races. We'll know pretty soon though. :)

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WoW trademarks/copyright

I don't know if the Taurens from World of Warcraft are trademarked or not, but it would be worth considering calling our creatures something different.

Tauran or Tauren? Oh my.

Well, the wow creatures are taurens, while ours are taurans. Yeah, I know, still pretty close. I just used the name that had already been listed in the index, and built around that.


The high level version of these guys are the minotaurs, so we could use some modified version of that name to keep the implied connection between the two. I mean, mino (tauran)... kind of how I assumed the name came around in the first place.

Maybe something like Minotans or even a full detatch from the original naming convention like Stieren (based off the german word for bull) or Torons (based off the italian word). I'm open to suggestions.

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Your description of them has

Your description of them has them fighting in the pits a lot. Sascria last names do have a Latin-feel to them. What about Detoro? Or Ditoro? Or some other variation. I don't have a strong feeling on any of them, just leary of using Tauran/Taurens. :)

What about... Rextoro or

What about... Rextoro or Rexditoro (kingbull)


Domitoro (masterbull)

or some variation of the above. I'd like some correlation between "mino" or "toro", and a term implicative of their mastery of the pits. I think it would add a layer to the whole "proud" thing, and add some emphasis on their combat mastery.

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Domitoro sounds really,

Domitoro sounds really, really slick.

How about Bostaurus or Bostheria?

Domitoro is pretty cool, I agree.  Way better than Tauren, and it fits the 'feel' of the language.  We could also go German, what we reference for first names - Konigbul (king bull)?

With beastfolk names, what we've been doing is to go to wikipedia and look at their scientific names and take a word from there (testudo, galidines, etc.)  That would be Bostaurus (from bos taurus) or maybe Bostheria (genus bos, subclass theria).

So, to stick with what we've been doing, I'd propose Bostaurus or Bostheria; I like the sound of both.

To me, as I think about it, Domitoro sounds like a fantastic name for a Bostaurus/Bostheria hero, a famous gladiator who escaped the pits and is now leading a gang of highwaymen Robin Hood style.


Robin Hoof, as it were.

 -- Biased to Bostaurus

-- I like Bostaurus myself.

Cool - let's see how it

Cool - let's see how it looks.

Shouldn't they receive a +1

Shouldn't they receive a +1 Fort instead of a +1 Reflex for their LA? I just cant see them being a dexterous race.

I really hate level adjustment

Isn't there a way to figure this out without the LA?

Sure, it'd be possible to

Sure, it'd be possible to remove a lot of the stat mods and take away the level adjustment, but I felt it would be good to have a race with a level adjustment for 1. the reincarnate chart and 2. those folks who like playing races that are somewhat more powerful than the base classes.

We've already got a ton of non-level adjusted races available to play, and Tauran really seemed to feel like a good choice for an LA choice.

Yeah, I think the Pantherians

Yeah, I think the Pantherians (big-cat beastfolk) were originally +1 LA, but got tuned down. At the time people seemed not to want +1 LA races in general, though I'm fine with them for the reasons you mentioned. Taurans definitely fit as a good candidate for a LA.

Well, if we take out

Well, if we take out stubborn, night-eyed, and sturdy, that leaves them with the massive stat mods, a gore attack, and a bonus to charging. That's four points.

If we then give them a penalty to will saves, that'll knock the total point value down to 20 exactly. Though it does take away a lot of their abilities.

Conceptually I like the idea

Conceptually I like the idea that for combat-oriented beastfolk, the wizards who created them would 'build in' some kind of weakness against mind-affecting magic. That's apart form the impact on the point total and so on. I don't necessarily want to be a stickler for a hard 20 point limit - the rules on the forum aren't that precise as I recall (it's been a bit since I read through them or used them). Maybe drop night-eyed? Particular since I'm not sure bovines can see well in the dark in the first place. I take that back - Google is telling me that they do. Stubborn contradicts the weakness against mind-affecting spells, obviously, so I would say drop that and replace it with a weakness against same. That makes more sense to me, and also reduces the point total slightly.