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Catfolk possess exceptional diversity and natural talents. They can either work alone, or in a group. With tribes on Ryslan and Bifetra, and groups in Venna and a mercenary team in Thuria, they are found in several locations, and are respected hunters. They were created to fill several different jobs, some as warriors, others as thieves or assassins for the wealthy magocrats. Female Lamia were created to be hunters, to help provide a surplus of food for their masters, and male Lamia were created as warriors, to serve as guards and soldiers for their masters. The Pantheria, panther-based Catfolk, were originally created to play the role of assassins and thieves, based on their dark coloring, which made it easier for them to avoid being spotted at night.

Physical Description: The physical characteristics of catfolk are as varied as the different species of cats. All of the catfolk are covered in a short, fine layer of fur. This fur is colored and patterned to match the breed of cat that they were designed to be similar to. They also have retractable claws, whiskers, ears and tails, and cat eyes. Catfolk tend to be leaner and slightly taller than the average human, and are all very graceful. They are rarely heard when walking. Their height ranges from about 5’5” to 5’9” for females, and from 5’7” to 6’2” for males.
Society: Catfolk society is a very tribal lifestyle, with hunting and gathering being their main food source. They dress in clothing that is easy to move in and comfortable, except for during their festivals and traditional events. Also, they hate to be dirty, and dress to their best when they aren’t out hunting or gathering supplies for their tribe. At festivals and other such events, they wear the style of clothing that has become traditional for such events. Though the Collapse has greatly changed their lives, the Catfolk have retained several unique cultural traits, such as their styles of dance and art. In general, Catfolk are known for their unique roots, startling appearance, and tribal lifestyle.
Relations: Catfolk prefer to keep to their tribes or groups, and despite the occasional loner, they are friendly to each other, and once you gain their trust, they will be willing to be helpful to you. Catfolk hold a grudge against the magocrats who created and enslaved them, but have forgiven the people of the Sarkan Tribelands and Rhyrgia. Proud, sometimes to the point of arrogance, Catfolk look down on the majority of humans, and make a point of separating themselves from some of the other beastfolk. The race's diversity among its own members also make Catfolk somewhat skilled at accepting other Beastfolk and humans for what they are.
Alignment and Religion: Catfolk follow the Ferrorian Pantheon, and have some unique rituals associated with their belief system.
Adventurers: Pure ambition drives countless Catfolk, and for many, adventuring serves as a means to an end, whether it be wealth, acclaim, social status, or simply freedom from the life they once lived. A few pursue adventuring careers simply for the thrill of danger. Catfolk hail from Sascria and Ferron, and from Ryslan, where the Ferronian magocrats moved them due to the bad reputation of Beastfolk in Ferron.
Names: The Catfolk, who speak mainly Sylvian, get their names from the regions of the world in which they were created, like those created in Ferron have names that are shared by other Ferronians. Catfolk born on Ryslan, and named by their once-human parents, have names that sound more exotic and wild. (I was thinking names from Native American or Indian language.)


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