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Race: Boriwog (Boars) (with PF points)

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Boriwogs are beastfolk that resemble human-boar hybrids. They are known for their ferocity and toughness, and they were typically used as guards or even a sort of mercenary slave before the Collapse.


Boriwogs tend to be vain types, fastidious and careful with their clothes and hygiene. Amongst themselves, Boriwogs are prone to duel over minor insults. They are often gruff and intolerant of prejudice against boriwogs or other beastfolk.

Physical Description

Boriwogs are broad, stocky, and about as good-looking as one can imagine when dealing with the concept of "porcine".  Instead of hair they have long, semi-flexible bristles which some enjoy manipulating with pomade and various dyes. Others go with a more insane look to increase their intimidation factor.


Of the beastfolk, the Boriwogs are some of the most likely to find a place in larger Human society, often as personal bodyguards.  Many would rather go hungry than work as menial laborers, even though they have the physical strength for it.  Some Boriwogs also show a capacity for scholarly pursuits.

Alignment and Religion

Boriwogs have an independent streak, and lean toward the Chaotic, valuing personal expression and independence that can turn a simple dispute into a deadly fight.


Naturally, Boriwogs tend to become Barbarians and Fighters, and some also become Cavaliers, riding through battle and enjoying how much attention they can draw to themselves.  A few Boriwogs have dabbled in the arcane arts of the Wizard, and those who do are attracted to the school of abjuration.


Rolling Rs and long, round vowel sounds - Rombol, Borion, Kamor, Olgram, Gortrund.

Racial Traits

 +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. Boriwogs are large and powerfully built and they possess surprising porcine intelligence.  Despite their preoccupation with appearance, however, they are still pigs.

Medium - These medium size creatures are typically a little shorter and stouter than the average human.

[1pt] Bestial Nature: Due to their animalistic connections to their past, Boriworgs can speak with boars and domestic pigs at will as a supernatural ability.  Many Boriwogs would never do this in public, however.

[~3pts] Charge!: When a Boriwog charges, she receives a +1 racial bonus on a single melee attack made at the end of the charge. Additionally, she receives a +1 racial bonus on a single CMB roll to bull rush at the end of a charge.

[4pts] To the Death: The ferocity of Boriworgs enables them to fight until they are dead. They may continue to take a move or a partial action each round when they fall below 0 hit points. They do not bleed when below 0 hit points and are alway

[2pts] Tusks: Boriworgs grow tusks from their elongated, boar-like faces. These tusks are considered a light slashing weapon that do 1d3 damage and may be used during a full attack action at -5 to the character's base attack bonus.


Boriwogs begin the game speaking Common and Sylvan.

Based on my glance, this makes the Boriwugs a 7pt race according to the PF guidelines we've linked to in other places.  It looks like we could give them, for example:

Relentless: Immune to fear effects [2pts]

And possibly even a +1 CMB when charging [~1pt] or a bonus 1d3 damage when charging, etc.

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Remy REMY    CR 1/2 Male


REMY    CR 1/2

Male Boriwog Paladin 1

LG Medium Humanoid

Init -1; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +1


AC 15, touch 9, flat-footed 15   (+4 armor, +2 shield, -1 Dex)

hp 13 (1d10+3)

Fort +7, Ref -1, Will +3

Defensive Abilities To the Death, To the Death, Tusks


Spd 20 ft.

Melee Gore (Boriwog) -2 (1d3+1/20/x2) and

   Javelin -1 (1d6+2/20/x2) and

   Shield, Heavy Wooden +3 (1d4+2/20/x2) and

   Unarmed Strike +3 (1d3+2/20/x2) and

   Warhammer +3 (1d8+2/20/x3)

Special Attacks Smite Evil (1/day)

Spell-Like Abilities Detect Evil (At will)

Paladin Spells Known (CL 0, 3 melee touch, 0 ranged touch):


Str 15, Dex 8, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 13

Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 12

Feats Great Fortitude

Skills Acrobatics -6, Climb -3, Diplomacy +5, Escape Artist -6, Fly -6, Ride -2, Sense Motive +5, Stealth -6, Swim -3

Languages Common

SQ Aura of Good (Ex)

Combat Gear Warhammer, Javelin (2), Shield, Heavy Wooden, Hide;


Aura of Good (Ex) The paladin has an Aura of Good with power equal to her class level.

Boarspeak (Ex) Speak with boars and pigs.

Detect Evil (At will) (Sp) You can use Detect Evil at will (as the spell).

Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.

Smite Evil (1/day) (Su) +1 to hit, +1 to damage, +1 deflection bonus to AC when used.

To the Death (Ex) Staggerd instead of dying below 0 HP.

Tusks (Ex) Do 1d3 slashing damage in melee. Use BAB -5

Created With Hero Lab® - try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com!

Another sketch of an "iconic"

Another sketch of an "iconic" from Hero Lab.


So, at the end of the Charge! descriptor, you have "for a total of +3 to her attack and +2 to her CMB". That doesn't quite make sense to me.

Charge!: When a Boriwog charges, she receives a +1 to her attack roll and an additional +1 to her CMB when attempting a Bull Rush at the end of the charge, for a total of +3 to her attack and +2 to her CMB.

So, what I see here is +1 to the attack roll for charging. Additionally, if the charge ends in a bull rush, a +1 to CMB. Where is the other +2?+1 coming from?

As written in the PFSRD, a

As written in the PFSRD, a charge maneuver grants a +2 to an attack roll and a +2 to CMB for a bull rush at the end of a charge maneuver. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/combat#TOC-Charge So actually, as I read that rule again, the total should be +3 to her attack roll and +3 to her CMB, not +3 and +2 as written. So I'm going to just change that now - did that answer the question?

Yeah, that answers the

Yeah, that answers the question of where your numbers are coming from. However, I would suggest rewording it a bit. The word "total" could be read to mean that your total bonus is +3, regardless of other modifiers, or implied to mean other things.

I would suggest wording it something like:
When a Boriwog charges, she receives a +1 racial bonus on a single melee attack made at the end of the charge. Additionally, she receives a +1 racial bonus on a single CMB roll to bull rush at the end of a charge.

The important changes here are making it a racial bonus instead of untyped -- untyped bonuses should be rare -- and rephrasing it as a +1 bonus to a single attack and a bull rush will clear up some potential issues about whether the total is capped at +3, or whether other bonuses can stack with it.

That makes sense to me.

That makes sense to me. Untyped bonuses are bad news - I had forgotten that, having been playing other games for a while now. I will just take your wording, basically.

Since I don't think anyone

Since I don't think anyone liked it as a racial trait except me, I dropped the flair and added a Charge! racial trait that we'd discussed when Boriwogs first came up. ::sigh::

Though now, if I play or write up a Boriwog for a playtest, you know what'll happen...


Please note this is a quick

Please note this is a quick first sketch and I am requesting input for how it should be changed.
While it was scanning I noted that I made it too tall, I missed that they should be shorter than average human.
While I did not take the time to draw it, I was thinking of armor in the french jousting style- very ornate and fluted.

I was fairly undecided about the hooves. They should be more cloven and tapered for a boar, but then they would be incapable of supporting an upright figure.

I went back and forth between mane and hair. From the description I almost got an Elvis style feel to the hair,


mikeb's picture

Similar thinking

I've got similar thinking to robosnake. Some a little stockier, sturdier looking. Here's a link to some of the inspiration I had for the race concept:

Our boriwogs are more civilized and intelligent as these seem to be, so that might be the way to think about making them distinct.

Here's something from

Here's something from DeviantArt, though of course we don't rights to it or anything:


I was thinking - shorter legs than a human with more boarlike knees and ankles, and thicker around the middle - kind of barrel-shaped :)


Cool, yeah, that's more like

Cool, yeah, that's more like the vague picture I had in mind. I also think that they way to go with their bristles/hair is to treat it like thick, straight hair that is always spiked, halfway between bristle and hair. I also think pig-feet are the way to go. Cool!

Since you have dropped flair,

Since you have dropped flair, I will switch to simpler armor. Should it be leather, chain mail or plate?
Any approximate type period for the armor? The French names make me think of a Normand style.

Any opinions on what type of clothes, weapons and equipment should I include.

Wit a ranger I was thinking bow/spear combo. But if they have a charging trait, that is not as compatible with a ranged weapon.
I like the idea of using a traditional "boar spear"

What about Packs and Capes? I tend towards the "no cape" and packs because how else are you carrying all your supplies.

Have you thought of a bow and

Have you thought of a bow and a longspear combo? The longspear could also be interesting when charging and bull-rushing. You could go light armor and have a sort of highly mobile fighter type. The only thing I think of is that it would be hard to shuffle a spear and a bow back and forth in your hands and so on...but certainly possible.

I also changed the names again, though there's no reason not to keep the French names, I just associated those with the flair-style Boriwogs.

I like the idea of a highly

I like the idea of a highly mobile fighter who is more versatile than your usual sword and board type. I did think of a long spear, but thinking the logistics through, I decided against it. A long spear would be extremely hard to control on a charge. Usually long spears follow the shield fighters in a shield, and set up behind the shields and poke. The long spears are also used to break horse charges, set into the ground, so again it seems an unlikely weapon for someone with a charging trait. The shuffling back and forth could be accomplished with a short spear and short bow, as they could be traded out of combination back quiver and holster. The short bow would also work for those who choose the part of Cavaliers.

I like the suggestion of light armor, mostly leather with metal gorget and possibly grieves. For clothes, I was going to go with the tunic/loin cloth look unless anyone had any specific clothing suggestions?

I liked the

I liked the layered/articulated pauldrons in the sketch, and as a carryover from the Musketeer-esque Boriwogs I was imagining, I was thinking maybe a tabard

Ok, I will keep the paldrons.

Ok, I will keep the paldrons. A tabard works, any thoughts on heraldry for them, or just stick to basic colors and fields?

From Str to Cha

Switched them over to a Charisma bonus instead of Strength - seemed like Strength and Constitution bonuses on the same race was too powerful, and PF 'charges' more for bonuses like that in the same category in their racial design scheme.

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Boars and pigs

Supposedly pigs (and I would assume their cousins the boar) are pretty smart. If it costs more to have two physical or two mental get a bonus, maybe it would be better with +2 Con, +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma?

BookmanCU's picture

Cha? Really?

I'm not getting that at all, either from a charming demeanor or from a pretty to look at perspective. What's your reasoning behind this?

My argument is entirely irony

My argument is entirely irony here - I just really like the idea of preening porcine player-characters perpetually concerned with their coiffure :)

@ Mike: Pigs are really smart, that's true - and the preening is actually funnier if they take a Charisma hit. Also, I can't think of another race with a +2 Con/+2 Int combination.

BookmanCU's picture

I think your idea for a

I think your idea for a preening Boriwog is an awesome CHARACTER concept, but I don't really see it as a good RACIAL concept... the preening and foppishness should be more the exception than the rule.

That said, I've been toying with the idea of the cat/human hybrids (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis), and think the ever-preening, well dressed, pay attention to ME attitude lends itself far better to the cat, rather than the boar. (At least that's how all of my cats have acted.) Thoughts?

Based on what we're talking

Based on what we're talking about over on the Academy of Metamorphoses thread, I like the idea of the Pantheria (name of the genus containing lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars) as a failed experiment who remained too animalistic and also have magical resistance - to [mind affecting] magic at the very least, maybe in general like the Dwarven save bonus against spells. Anyway, they have taken over an island and set up their own society and they tend to eat whoever comes to visit :)

I would say +2 Dex, -2 Int, +2 Wis, the Int/Wis being accounted for by being 'closer to nature' - sharper perceptions, more intuitive, but not so great for long division.

I'll be honest - I have a

I'll be honest - I have a thing against cat people, so I'm probably not the guy to ask. I would suggest things that are the least like every other cat-person race out there - cannibalistic tiger-people shamans or the aforementioned Egyptian horror-hunters or even Aztec-style Jaguar-warriors. I dunno. I think there are a lot of house-cat-style cat races out there, and eh. Probably has to do with being asthmatic and allergic, so cats=death.

Of the three, my vote is Egyptian-style horror hunters. Downright monster-hunters who are just naturally religious that the wizards created to deal with a massive ghost-infestation after a magical plague wiped out a city, something like that. Van Helsing cats with alchemically silvered-claws. We also don't have a real monster-hunting beastfolk race yet, so there's a niche. Close second would be the terrifying, cannibalistic cats.

For me, a race of boars who are all sort of dirty and tough and have tusks is "boar-ing" :) For them, the type is obvious enough that I want to go entirely against type. So someone could have a character concept of a non-foppish Boriwog, a bohemian Boriwog perhaps (which is also pretty entertaining to me) and it might be worth altering Flair so that it doesn't give a bonus to Diplomacy, but honestly I like the preening pigs. Think of the art!

But, what would you offer as an alternative for the Boriwog race/culture (since I see them as probably overlapping in an engineered, recently-escaped slave-species)?

mikeb's picture


I've been thinking about this discussion, and I think I've figured out the solution - racial traits. If you've got the APG, there are some racial traits in the racial section. The "standard" is to give each character two traits with more available by taking a feat worth two traits. So in the boriwog case, there could be a trait to go the route that robosnake is suggesting and have it replace the previous version of the non-preening boriwog.

As for cat people, I'm much more interested in seeing jaguar or tiger people than domestic short hair people. ;) I think BookmanCU is, too. ;)

Oh, I don't doubt it on the

Oh, I don't doubt it on the cat front - like I said, it's a thing with me. I look forward to what Bookman has in mind.

Racial Traits sound like the cure for the problem - I definitely need the APG, but can't afford the PDF until next month. Until then...

I dropped the Diplomacy bonus - otherwise, I think the race as written fits with Hurnon the Woeful, and isn't as fop-specific.

Frozen-Rivers's picture


I've actually been working on a general Race Profile for Catfolk, as well as a specific breed - the Pantheria, which are panther-based Catfolk, and I see them as being a very tribal hunter group. I agree with the preeing, pay attention to me attitude for cats, based on my own cat's behavior.

BookmanCU's picture


Just a thought about the race name. I did a little reading, and found that male boars are known as tuskers. Purely cosmetic, I realize, but I find it more descriptive, and it immediately conjures up an image in my head. What do people think about changing the race name from Boriwog to Tusker?

Forgive me - the image of

Forgive me - the image of preening, fastidious boar-folk was just too much to resist. Hence: the racial trait Flair :)

BookmanCU's picture


I've been playing one for a bit now, and don't actually see how "Flair" fits into the race at all. Being a brutish race, likely bred to fight in the arenas, I'm not sure where or how improved diplomacy and charisma skills really fits it. Perhaps if it were Wilbur or Babe. ;)

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What a Boar!

Seems like these guys would not be too popular, I would suggest that they get a -2 penalty on Chr-based skills and checks except Intimidation.

For the 'To the Death' ability, I would suggest that they are always disabled at negative HPs. This would allow them to keep acting, but would cause them to slowly burn themself out if they keep moving.

Maybe something to represent the traditional stubbornness of boars/pigs? +1 to saves against mind-affecting perhaps?

A neat feat for them could be something like "Unstoppable Charge" that gives them DR 1/- until the end of the round in which they Bull's Rush or Charge.

mikeb's picture

Re: Cha vs Int I chose Int

Re: Cha vs Int
I chose Int because I was quickly realizing that almost every beastfolk race can easily be identified with a negative to Cha. I thought Int was a good alternative and decided to use it instead. By using Int, you can avoid the Intimidation loophole (although there is a feat that allows the addition of Str modifier to Intimidation checks).

Re: To the Death
The disabled condition is actually how I've ended up running it. It makes a bit more sense and is a bit more balanced. Feel free to edit the entry and change if you'd like. :)

Re: Mind-affecting
I think that's a worthwhile thing to add.

Re: Unstoppable Charge
I know Barbarians eventually get DR like that, but is there anything else comparable? Between To the Death and Unstoppable Charge, it might be too much. What do you think?

Boriwugs need a kicker

It works for me if the fun of playing a Boriwug is to charge all day long, and if that is made the "sweet spot" of playing one. That's kind of like a toned-down Minotaur, and what are you worried about a wild boar doing? Charging.

I also see, and like, a pattern I talked about on the Lupine page - beast-folk being weak against things like Mind-affecting spells. This makes a lot of sense, since they were originally magically bred to serve Wizards.

Part of me also likes the idea of a high-Charisma Boriwug preening and worrying about the coiffure of his bristles. That's just kind of a cool image, vis Int vs. Cha

For me, without any kind of special sight or save bonuses, I think Boriwugs need a "kicker", and connecting it to charging makes sense. I'd be ok with both DR 1/- and +1 to Combat Maneuver Bonus when charging myself. I'm thinking of cool encounters here, with a group of Boriwugs catching the PCs near a precipice of some kind, and everyone going "Oh, crap, these guys are going to charge us"

Sea-of-Stars's picture

Comments and comments

I was not saying they should have a penalty to Chr, but to Chr-based skills which is slightly different. They could even get a feat "Boar about Town" that removed the Chr-skills penalty for that dashing, dandified Boriwug you are thinking of robosnake.

I like the thought of Boriwugs being stubborn, maybe they could just have a bonus to saves against fear? And a penalty against charms and rage-inducing spells?

All in for the Boriwugs being all about the charge, but think it should be supported by feats.