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Race: Pantheria (great cats) (PF points)

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 Alright, here's my go at the Pantheria we've been talking about.


Not every attempt at creating beastfolk went as planned - not by a long shot.  In most cases, the experiments were altered or aborted entirely.  Lost resources were simply chalked up to the cost of creating new and exciting slaves for the pits or for other kinds of service.  The Pantheria are an example of how things can go terribly wrong indeed.


Pantheria are either lone hunters or form into small familial prides.  They retain enough intelligence and human nature, however, to band together when faced with an outside threat, and some Pantheria build homes and use simple tools.  Others are more lost to their animal natures and stalk their island as highly intelligent apex predators.

Physical Description

Pantheria are long-boned and lithe and have the relaxed musculature of the great cats, capable of bursts of tremendous speed and strength when needed.  In coloration, they take after one of the families of great cats - lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars.


The Pantheria sometimes tolerate trade with other beastfolk, as long as they do not appear to be easy prey, in which case they are eaten.  Pantheria consider Humans to be relatively unappetizing, but would rather devour them than speak with them.  One of the few tenets of their society that they maintain is their white-hot hatred of Human magic and Humans in general.

Alignment and Religion

Pantheria follow their own animistic religion of the hunt and of the renewal of nature.  They believe that by devouring an opponent or rival's heart and other key organs, they gain his or her power for themselves.  From a Human point of view, they tend toward Evil, though of course the Pantheria do not see it that way.


Pantheria who have PC classes obviously tend toward Barbarians and Rangers.  Religious leaders of the Pantheria are almost exclusively female, and they are often Druids or Witches.  Few Pantheria if any leave their island home to adventure, though it is not unheard-of for young males seeking status as manhunters will cross to the mainland and make raids on outlying villages, carrying back treasures and trophies alike.



Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom.  Pantheria are nimble and athletic, and are more bestial than other beastfolk.

[1pt] Bestial Nature: Pantheria can communicate with any great cats at will because of their bestial background.  Domestic cats are naturally terrified of them, but they can communicate as well.

[1pt] Failed Experiment: Pantheria, rather than being susceptible to mind-controlling magic, turned out to be resistant to it, and because of this were able to gather their strength and win their freedom in a bloody rebellion.  Pantheria have a +2 save bonus to all [Mind-affecting] spells.

[1pts] Vengeance: Pantheria gain a +1 attack bonus against all Human arcane spellcasters

[1pt] Night-Eyed: Pantheria have low-light vision

[-1pt] Primitive: Pantheria do not trust things they associate with Humans, including some simple technologies.  Pantheria cannot use Crossbows and do not wear metal armor, though they do make use of metal weapons.  Pantheria also begin play illiterate - in order to become literate, a Pantheria must spend a skill rank.

[7pts] Red in Tooth and Claw: Pantheria have two claw attacks and a bit attack which can be used as part of a full attack.  Each claw deals 1d4 damage, as does their bite attack, and all are made at a -5 to their base attack bonus.  Pantheria claws give them a +2 bonus to Climb checks.



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Beastfolk mikeb 04/03/2011 - 11:17



What do you think about a -1 drawback that they hate water and being wet? They attack at -2 any time they are wet, and at -4 if they are actually in the water. This would let you bump 'vengeance' up to a +2 ability and say that they are +1 vs. all humans.

I'm conflicted on the idea

I'm conflicted on the idea because I know that at least some big cats (tigers) swim, and I also imagine situations where it is raining and that the rain is weakening these great cats. I think there might be a place for, perhaps, a phobia of deep or open water, which might explain why they haven't crossed to the mainland in order to devour spellcasters. On the other hand, the method I'm using, from the PF forums, for building new races probably wouldn't even rate that a -1 trait, just kind of a quirk. It would also make it harder for players to play a Pantheran PC - unless maybe they were smuggled across while drugged?

mikeb's picture

Most great cats actually like

Most great cats actually like water, and the rest don't really have an issue with it. I guess if the angle is more domestic cat rather than great cat, I think it would work.


I might suggest that the ability Hatred be renamed to something else since the mongoose and snake-based races both have a Hatred ability referring to each other.

Hopefully it'll reduce confusion when looking at different races if we can keep abilities with different effects running under different names.

Maybe something like Revenge, Vengeance, ect..

Yup, that is an excellent

Yup, that is an excellent point. I personally prefer Vengeance, so I think I'll change it to that. Remember that if you want, you can edit these races as well. I always try to post a comment first before I change things, but you don't necessarily have to wait, since this is a simple change that I think will really clarify.

My vote: +2 Str and LA+1

Looking the Pantheria over, I agree that +2 Str and +2 Dex both make a lot of sense for this race. I also don't actually want to drop 4pts from their racial traits - I like all of the traits, and think they 'need' things like claws and teeth to fit the theme.

Going 'by the book' (or by the Paizo Forum post) there's no good way to move bonuses around that won't make this race LA+1. So I think - just make them LA+1. It's unlikely a lot of PCs will play this race anyway, given that they eat humanoids, hate humans, and are relegated to their own island.

So my vote: Make them +2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Int and +2 Wis, which will put them solidly in LA+1 territory.

Sea-of-Stars's picture


Unless Primitive includes some mechanical penalties, there is nothing actually preventing a PC from using these items. I would have it impose a -1 to attack rolls for use of complex weapons, increase the armor check penalty by 1 and reduce the max dex by 1 for metal armors.

Should they be illiterate at start as well? If they are consciously against the society that created arcane magic, seeking to destroy the written word would seem to be right along that line.

I changed the 'do not' to a

I changed the 'do not' to a 'cannot' - to me, it'll be as binding as the restrictions on any class, like Rogue weapons or Druid armor for example. I added that they begin play illiterate, though. Then, I think there would just be maybe a racial Feat for the inevitable Pantheria player who wants his character to run around in full plate dual-wielding hand crossbows :)

Good Stuff

I like this idea since Panthro was one of my favorite Thundercats. LOL. I also like the idea of making a barbarian Pantherian who took a bunch of unarmed fighting feats to make him pretty deadly in melee thanks to his claw and bite attacks. Did you think about also giving him the rake attack like big cats have if he gets both claw attacks to hit? And because of thier intolerance of humans would they even know Common is they are also isolationists? That would be interesting and challenging I think to play but would be definitely unique to them. Despising humans so much they refuse to even to learn their language. Also did we (as a group of creative mofos) think about giving any of these beastfolk heightened senses of smell making them expert trackers? Like a canine folk that were maybe used for that purpose.?

Also is there a freeware version of the pathfinder homemade race creation rules? I don't have any of their rulebooks at my disposal and was wondering what this point system was about so i could make my Bearfolk.

The race creation rules are

The race creation rules are actually from the Paizo forums. MikeB posted the link, but it was a while ago. Here it is again:


Thank you sir

Thanks man, now i can get to work on my beasties!