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Race: Simians (uplifted apes)

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(Unlike all other beastfolk, Simians are uplifted animals)

When building the original beastfolk breeds, Wizards of the School of Metamorphosis relied on human stock which they modified to have bestial traits, experimenting until they had found what they felt was the best combination for the purpose in mind.  The problem with starting with animal stock and modifying it to be more humanoid was that they did not have an effective way to create lasting intelligence.  They would instead create a human-shaped animal that was very smart - for an animal.

Once the main breeds of beastfolk were created and stabilized, a few members of the School of Metamorphosis engaged in a different kind of experiment, this time using primates, which they felt were likely closest to human intelligence.  Rather than beginning with human stock, they modified certain types of primates captured in the warmer southern lands to be more human - adding fully opposable thumbs and physiology more conducive to things like higher reasoning and vocal range.

The result of this experimentation was the Simians - 5 distinct beastfolk lines based on mountain gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees.  None of the breeds reached quite to the level of human intelligence, but one advantage the transmuters found was that their new Simian creations retained much of their incredible strength and physical abilities.

All Simians are excellent climbers with a racial skill bonus to climb (+4) and a climb speed  (20') - all also have low-light vision and a CMB and CMD bonus of +2 when grappling.  They also have a bite attack (1d6 for the Homina, 1d4 for the other two) that counts as a primary weapon unless the Simian is also using a manufactured weapon, in which case it is a secondary attack.

Homina (gorilla):

Large Sized, Str +6 (size and racial +2), Dex -2 (size), Con +2 (size), Int -2, Cha -2

Brachiator: +4 racial bonus to climb and a climb speed of 20'

Night-eyed: Low-light vision

Rend: after a successful grapple, the Homina adds 1.5 of her Strength bonus to damage against the target while the grapple is maintained 

Strong grip: +2 to CMB and CMD when grappling

Teeth: Bite attack dealing 1d6 damage

LA +2 or +3

Pongin (orangutan): Medium sized, Str +4, Int -2, Cha -2, powerful build, strictly arboreal, highly flexible, solitary, tool use, bite (Craft bonus to counterbalance Int hit?) LA+1 or +2 (lower attributes and no level adjustment for females)

Panina (chimpanzee): Medium sized, Str +4, Int -2, Cha -2, manipulative, status-driven, cannibalism and aggression, tool use, bite

(with bonobos, hilariousness could ensue, but not G-rated hilariousness)