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Sarkan Masks

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Sarkan Masks

Masks play an important role in Sarkan culture; these artifacts function as conduits to their spiritual self, although few become physically manifest.  The masks themselves must be crafted by the individual who uses them as they are a reflection of their inner soul.  While some masks from great heroes have been passed down from time to time, these items exhibit great power and what some may consider a mind of their own.  Masks come in many shapes, colors and represent different aspects of an individual, a few common themes have been recorded by outsiders.

Mask Types

Mask of Rage:

  • Provides a competence bonus on Intimidate checks
  • When worn by a character with the rage ability the mask manifests and projects the anger and fury of the individual outward toward his enemies.  During a rage, while the mask is equipped, the wearer may initiate a free intimidate check against any target they strike. A target is subject to this ability only once per day whether the attempt fails or succeeds
  • Value = TBD

Mask of Shadows:

  • Provides a competence bonus on Stealth checks
  • When worn by a character it grants the ability to vanish from sight.  Once per day, as a standard action, the wearer may cast Greater Invisibility on himself as per the spell as a 7th level caster.
  • Value = 10080GP

Mask of Sight:

  • Provides a competence bonus on Perception checks
  • When worn the mask grants the ability to find even the most hidden of magical secrets.  Once per day the wearer may cast True Seeing as per the spell.
  • Value = 16200GP

Mask of Leadership:

  • Provides a competence bonus on Diplomacy checks
  • When worn, the mask grants the ability to bolster one's allies.  Three times per day as a standard action the wearer may give a rallying cry to his allies.  All allies within 30 feet who are able to hear the wearer gain a +3 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and attack and weapon damage rolls.  This effect lasts for 5 rounds.
  • Value = TBD

Mask of Battle:

  • Provides a competence bonus on Acrobatics checks
  • When worn the mask improves battle prowess, enhancing the natural ability of the wearer to supernatural levels.  The mask holds 3 charges, as a free action the character may speak the command word to active the mask.  The character may spend 1 charge to gain an additional swift action, 2 charges for an additional move action or 3 charges for an additional standard action. The action gained by this must be taken first before any others, if not the action is lost.
  • Value = TBD

Mask of the Witchdoctor:

  • Provides a competence bonus on Heal checks
  • Know for their ability to heal the dying or wound their enemies, this mask allows the wearer to channel energy just as the witchdoctors for which it is named.  The mask provides the following spells:
    • 3/day Cure Moderate Wounds (3rd level caster)
    • 1/day Cure Lesser Restoration
    • 1/day Remove Disease
    • 1/day Remove Blindness/Deafness 
  • Value = 19710GP

Mask Levels

Because Masks are an extension of the character they will grow more powerful with the character.  Each Mask grows over the course of three levels:

Base Mask:

  • Provide a standard skill bonus of +2 to the corresponding skill.

Lesser Mask:

  • Provide a +5 bonus to the corresponding skill
  • Provides fortification, light.

Greater Mask:

  • Unlocks a special ability corresponding to the type of mask. (See "Mask Types")

Mask Creation

In order to create a mask a character must first have an understanding of Sarkan culture, either by being a member of the tribe or having earned great trust with a tribe’s member.  The crafting process takes 24 hours which must be consecutive as the character is literally creating a conduit for their soul.  The cost is dependent on the level of mask being created:

  • Base masks have a value of 900GP
  • Lesser masks have a value of 4000GP
  • Greater masks value varies depending on the mask type. (See "Mask Types")

The craft check is a DC20 and the character may add the skill modifier of their choosing to the check, the mask created is dependent on the skill chosen as it reflects the characters nature.  A cost of 500GP is required for material components to construct the mask, this is in addition to the cost of the level of mask being created (See Base, Lesser and Greater masks).  Finally a character must have reached a development within themselves in order to manifest their spirit; Base masks have no requirement for creating, Lesser masks require at least 6 character levels in order to create, Greater masks require at least 12 character levels in order to create.  In addition masks must be created in succession, meaning masks must be upgraded from a lower form of themselves, Base to Lesser to Greater.


So here is something I put

So here is something I put together to expand on the Sarkan Tribelands. This can REALLY be expanded upon as I would like to see a large variety of the types of masks out there. These were just some basic ones that popped into my head, please give me suggestions on balance issue, ideas for more, etc.

Keep in mind these are wondrous items that not just anyone can get, and even if they do qualify for it they still have to experience some great event per DM approval. The masks I did post I tried to make scaling that way they are always going to be useful but since I am still new to actually creating content I don't know just how balanced I made things.

One of the things I think this really has potential for is the older masks like ones that have been passed down from great heroes. You could easily turn these into intelligent items due to their age and close proximity to a very powerful character. They may have developed personalities of their own as well as additional abilities.

Let me know what everyone thinks.

Well, unless they're made

Well, unless they're made into Artifacts with commensurate power levels, people who play in the setting will expect to be able to purchase them. I would knock the bonus to skills down to +2, and make it a circumstance bonus.

The mask of rage should take an action for intimidate, and be limited in uses.

At-will invisibility is super powerful. Activation should be a standard action for the mask of shadows, and perhaps it should be a set amount of time and not a scaling amount.

Mask of sight: Darkvision is a very useful ability, and should be priced appropriately. Again, I suggest a fixed number of detects instead of a scaling amount.

Mask of Leadership: Again, set number of rounds, set bonus.

Mask of Battle: An additional standard action is very powerful. You should caveat that the action cannot be used to cast a spell, and again I suggest that it doesn't scale with level.

Giving all the masks an additional ability versus crits makes all of them VERY powerful. Also, allowing basic enchanting to turn the item into an intelligent item is also VERY powerful, and very exploitable. An intelligent item can take actions each round, the same as a person, and adding a few at-will spells to the item means that each round it can add to the damage potential of the wearer. I would take that out, as allowing an item to become intelligent should always be a storyline effect, and not something that anyone can do.

Also, a base value of 5000g is far, far too cheap for these masks. If you want to keep the skill bonus at +5, that's 2500g base value worth by itself. The penalty to crit should be about 4000g base. For the stealth mask, with three uses in invisibility a day, that's 6480 base value. Then, because these abilities are all very different, all but the most expensive one has a 50% cost increase. So 6480+(4000x1.5=6000)+(2500x1.5=3750) for a total of 16,230 base price for the mask of shadows. You can find the formulas in the back of the CRB.

True I see what you are

True I see what you are saying I will start tweaking some of the stuff, keep in mind however that these items cannot simply be obtained. Aside from the basic cost and crafting, you have to know about the culture and go through some sort of event to be able to make something like this, effectively this means the DM can say outright that in order to make a mask you have to cheat death or something very difficult.

What is the CRB so I can look over this?

Also do you have any suggestions for additional masks?

Ok I made some changes to the abilities of the masks, bumped up the base value to 10k (i havent found the CRB you were talking about so that may need to change as well once I see the formulas). I also added in a pretty hefty penalty for making a mask intelligent, it follows the same guidelines as an intelligent item that reaches an ego score of 20 but in this case may actually try to kill the creator rather than simply refusing to follow orders. Also considering the mask will start with an ego score of 10, whereas normal intelligent items with just base abilities barely reach that I think this may actually be a pretty big risk to any PC that makes one if they aren't careful.

If we're concerned about

If we're concerned about access, maybe just ad into the Masks' description that they only function if: the bearer completes a quest specific to the type of Mask; the bearer defeats the Mask's previous bearer in single combat; etc. Personally, I always prefer when a magic item is both flavorful and also is the result of a quest or a game-event of some importance.



You need this link. It has all of the information in a handy, indexed format.

There is also d20pfsrd.com - another great reference.

And for magic items, always do a compare against similar items in the core rules. At will invisibility starts at 20k. Darkvision starts at 12k I believe. Intimidate as a free action that has the ability to frighten a creature is huge. It is not hard for a character to focus on intimidate, and there are a number of feats that can bump this skill into the 20's at a very low level.

I updated the item (see revision history and comments)

Ah yes, I forgot to include

Ah yes, I forgot to include the "once per target" for the mask of rage. I also set these up to be artifacts rather than simple magic items so that should also help with keeping people from just obtaining them.

The table they have on the PRD for magic item creation isnt as clear as it should be. For instance if an item has a number of charges to cast a spell with the formula it gives for the base price is simply "Divide by (5 divided by charges per day)", what exactly does this mean?

The formulas also seem incorrectly balanced, for example: "If a continuous item has an effect based on a spell with a duration measured in rounds, multiply the cost by 4. If the duration of the spell is 1 minute/level, multiply the cost by 2, and if the duration is 10 minutes/level, multiply the cost by 1.5. If the spell has a 24-hour duration or greater, divide the cost in half."

According to this its actually if a spell is based on minutes per level rather than rounds even though a round is 6 seconds? Is this a typo?


The CRB is in the pathfinder core rulebook. Magical item creation rules and basic cost guidelines are in the back of the book.

While I understand what you mean about the items not being easily obtained, that shouldn't factor into the cost of the item itself. The ease/difficulty of getting these masks is dm determination, and there are many examples where regional/roleplay/storyline requirements have been ignored by the majority of the users. That's why it's important that these items be priced to be internally balanced, in addition to the difficulty of finding/making one. Also, magical items in many settings are difficult to get, requiring quests or special favors to gain, so they still need to be costed appropriately.

The core rulebook talks about intelligent magical items on page 532, including the basic guidelines and what-have-you. There is currently no way in d&d for a player to create an intelligent item (beyond dm handwaving). There's a good reason for this. You could mention some artifact masks that have gained intelligence, but I strongly suggest that you do not allow players to start making items intelligent on their own. In many cases, that will effectively double the power of the character. There's a reason that there is no method for players to create them.

And according to your post, the mask would have to be +10 before it tried to kill its wearer. Any player would just take it up to +9 :p

I would say set each mask up with a skill bonus, and an ability that mimics a spell three times a day. Maybe have lesser/greater versions of the masks where the greater version is a higher skill bonus and a higher caster level for the spell effect. Or possibly a first tier feat, though I would stay away from anything with prerequisites.

Mask of Shaman

Mask of Healers

Mask of Cowards

Mask of Gluttony

Mask of Wisdom

Mask of Beasts

Mask of Music

Mask of Purification

Mask of Cunning

I went ahead and removed the

I went ahead and removed the intelligent item option from the masks, you could still have one be an intelligent item but it would need to be one of the older masks that belonged to a former hero or such.

Well ideally I would like to see the mask grow with the character in some way, remember this isn't just an item you make it is suppose to be a reflection of the characters spirit.


Something that grows with the character sounds more appropriate as a class feature. Magic items can be improved, but they cost gold to do so, and access to someone with the right feats. Perhaps this would work better for you as a prestige class element, rather than a magic item.

I think it was a good call to move them into artifacts as they are. You can't actually buy artifacts. Their implementation into a game is always DM driven as well, which means the flavor/story requirements are far more likely to be observed.

In response to
"The table they have on the PRD for magic item creation isnt as clear as it should be. For instance if an item has a number of charges to cast a spell with the formula it gives for the base price is simply "Divide by (5 divided by charges per day)", what exactly does this mean?

The formulas also seem incorrectly balanced, for example: "If a continuous item has an effect based on a spell with a duration measured in rounds, multiply the cost by 4. If the duration of the spell is 1 minute/level, multiply the cost by 2, and if the duration is 10 minutes/level, multiply the cost by 1.5. If the spell has a 24-hour duration or greater, divide the cost in half."

According to this its actually if a spell is based on minutes per level rather than rounds even though a round is 6 seconds? Is this a typo?"

The "Divide by" part is the second half of the formula. If you're doing charges, then the first thing you need to do is determine the cost of the spell. First, you look at the Spell Effect section and use the Use-activated or continuous pricing table. 2nd level spell, third level caster would be 2*3*2000gp. That nets you 12000g. Then, since you know you will have charges, you can ignore the continuous effect thing.

At that point, you move on to the Special section to apply the charges per day. Lets say three charges is what we want. We're now looking at 12000/(5/3). This nets you 7200g for a 2nd level spell, 3 use/day wondrous item.

Now, for your section on spells being incorrectly balanced.
Spell duration's as listed in the spell section can fall into 1 round/level, 1 minute/level, 10minutes/level, 1 hour/level, 2 hours/level and 1day/level.

If you're trying to create a continuous effect of a second level spell cast with a caster level of three, you're at 12000g (spell level x caster level x 2000gp).
Then, you look at the duration of the spell. A spell that lasts 1 round a level would cost 4 times as much, or 48,000g. At 1 minute/level duration it's 2 times as much, or 24000g. At 10 minutes/level, it would cost 1.5 times as much, or 18000g. A duration of 1hour/level has no modification. If the spell normally lasts 1day/level or more, the cost is reduced by half. So the price becomes 6000g.

As a spell becomes more powerful, the duration decreases. Haste is 1 round/level. Gentle repose is 1day/level. The better the buff, the shorter the duration. By modifying price on duration, the game accounts for spells which are short duration but very powerful in a way that still allows you to use them, but makes them expensive enough that you won't be breaking game balance when you do.

The creation rules can be a bit confusing at first, but eventually they make sense. When looking at creating a magic item, the first step is to see if it, or something similar to it, already exists. If so, you can mirror that. If not, then you hit the tables.

Once you determine what you want the item to do, you can look at the formula. If the thing you want falls into the Effect category, then you use those numbers. Examples would be instead of making a continuous bulls strength effect, you would use the ability bonus formula from the effect section. If the formulas from the Effect section don't cover what you want, then you calculate a spell effect that fits what you want to do. Then, you check the special section to see if any of that applies, and if not, check the component section.

Finally, you look at the item you've created, and the price you've calculated, and compare it to items with similar power levels in the book. If necessary, adjust the cost upward or downward to bring the price in line with the power level.

What if instead of the item

What if instead of the item simply scaling it could be improved? You mentioned earlier you would like to see versions like lesser and greater masks. Would it be appropriate to say once the character has reached a certain level he can go through the crafting process again (including gold cost) to advance the item to the next level?

For instance the lesser version could give the skill bonus along with the critical protection and then unlocking the greater version would open up the special ability listed. This could also require some sort of task like a right of passage or something similar to unlock its abilities.

Artifacts with a capital A!

Well, we're almost discussing two different things now.

Regular magical items, available in the game, have a gold cost and possibly a regional/cultural restriction. That's basically what we've been working on designing.

These items as Artifacts (page 543 Core Rulebook) have no price, can be as scaling or powerful as you want, and as a result are rarely found in campaigns. And even when they are found in campaigns *not nearly often enough in my opinion*, they're usually the center of a whole story arc.

So you've got a tradeoff to consider. If you want the masks to be reasonably common, especially in the cultural area they're meant to be from, then those masks wouldn't be artifacts. However, you could create one or two really nice ancient masks that ARE artifacts.

As magical items, it's entirely possible to improve them with the proper gold investment, assuming access to a caster with the proper feats.

However, creating and upgrading them without the benefit of a caster, and allowing whatever skill a player wants to use for the craft dc warrants a price increase.

Having a lesser and greater version of the masks with better abilities would certainly work. You'll just need to account for the cost difference so that the wealth by level balance isn't upset too far.

Here's another potential idea for you. Instead of listing a bunch of different masks, you could construct a list of abilities that someone making a mask could choose from. Say... a lesser mask gains one skill bonus at +2, the crit adjustment, and a lesser ability of some sort. A greater mask gains one skill bonus at +5, the crit adjustment, and a greater ability of some sort. Then you can compile a list of lesser/greater abilities and we can work to balance them all together.

When done, the player starts the ritual and customizes the mask to his or her person, by choosing the skill and the lesser ability they want. When undergoing the greater ritual, the lesser skill is enhanced, and the lesser ability is replaced by the greater version of that ability.

An example might be skill stealth, lesser ability low light vision, greater ability darkvision.

The only thing is, setting the lesser/greater masks up as magical items means that people playing in the setting will be considering these versus other head slot items *like circlets, crowns, hats, and helms*. So for most casters, they're going to want to get the circlets of wisdom or intelligence or charisma. Melee characters don't have a lot of good head slot items, so they'll really be looking at these masks as a way to fill a head slot with a useful item.

Something to keep in mind when designing abilities that might cause a particular melee type to drop everything and start hunting for a mask :P

Something else that might be interesting -- the skill on the mask could be restricted to the skill with the most ranks in it, or in the case of a tie, the crafters choice of the skill with the most ranks. Abilities could be limited similarly based on class, bab progression, or even whether or not you can cast arcane/divine spells. Though I'm a bit too tired to pursue this line of thoughts anymore tonight :p

As a side note, the deck of many things is BY FAR my favorite artifact :)

Well the idea I was trying to

Well the idea I was trying to go with was that masks are a fairly common part of the Sarkan culture, HOWEVER, very few of them actually amount to anything other than a symbol or article of clothing. The idea was to take into account that most NPCs do not have character levels, those that do are considered heroes, therefor masks created by the PCs or anyone with hero levels would be special because those individuals are of exceptional power.

Whether you want to call that an artifact or not I don't really have a problem with, honestly even if all of this is completely dependent on the DM I know people who would completely dismiss the rules and others who follow it to the letter even if they don't always make sense. Point is I expect people to work for it, whether that involves a special quest or simply earning enough skill in craft and gold to create the item, both are ultimately products of a characters work and growth.

Perhaps instead of relying on the idea of crafting the mask the characters can create a mask as a mundane item and then do something special (quest or whatever) to actually make the mask an artifact. This would effectively cover both aspects, it is still something the character has to craft but doesn't actually gain power until certain criteria in the characters development are met.

Mmm... mask goodness.

So here's my thoughts on this. Masks as a common part of the Sarkan culture should be available through many means. Aside from those who actually wear the masks as they should be, you'll have the "black market" trade in interesting items.

I think that the nonmagical masks could provide a +2 circumstance bonus to some skills.

The skills that kind of make sense to me are:

I tried to be inclusionary, instead of exclusionary.

These masks could be nonmagical and require a simple craft dc and two ranks in an appropriate knowledge skill to make, probably religion. Additionally, they could be sold as regular items at perhaps 100g to buy.

Lesser magical versions of the mask gain the crit modifier and a lesser ability. However, the mask requires the wearer to have 5 ranks in an appropriate knowledge skill to make, and requires the wearer to be a member of the tribes in good standing, or the mask becomes powerless until the wearer regains tribal standing. The ceremony requires a sacrifice of material wealth to prove that the wearer is an able provider, and yet able to focus on the spirit over the body. This amount is one we can calculate out once we've got some baseline lesser abilities.

Greater magical versions of the mask improve the skill bonus to +5, and improve the lesser ability to its greater version. It requires 10 ranks in an appropriate knowledge skill (probably religion), and requires the wearer to be a member of the tribes in good standing, or the mask becomes powerless until the wearer regains tribal standing. The ceremony requires a sacrifice of material wealth to prove that the wearer is an able provider, and yet able to focus on the spirit over the body. This amount is one we can calculate out once we've got some baseline greater abilities.

Perhaps we should look at providing masks for the base classes available, some of which you've already got up.
This way we've got
Barbarian *mask of rage*
*not cleric, druid, or paladin since they're relatively new to the setting*
Monk *mask of battle*
Rogue *mask of shadows*
And I think two more to round the number to 10.
Maybe something like Bestial *sight kind of fits this already*, and Leadership *which you've already written up*.

mikeb's picture

Mundane items that give +2 bonus

There is precendent for items that give a +2 bonus on Skill checks: masterwork tools:

There is a mask in the PFS scenario #33 Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible that costs 55gp and gives +2 bonus to Indimidate.

If you wanted to keep the lesser, normal, magical, you could have a progression that flows like this:

  1. Mask that counts as masterwork tool, ie. +2 to appropriate skill check
  2. Magical mask that has a once per day power
  3. Magical mask that grants a continuous power or # of rounds per day power

Equipment bonus

Something to consider about these items though is that tool of some sort is required to even use the skill at full ability (any craft skill), they tend to not be used for effects that happen instantly (those types of equipment bonuses tend to be +1 and circumstantial as well - ala camouflage) and the more 'important' the tool, the pricier - MW theives' tools cost more than MW tools (although it is a different skill).


Granting a +2 equipment bonus to intimidate is pretty big... or any other skill. Don't forget about the power of stacking. It will all depend on how you type the bonus as to how potent it is.

Basically we set the bonus to

Basically we set the bonus to a competence bonus, I believe this is what most skill items provide so ultimately you wont be stacking these effects with something else.  Although if it isn't we can change it, considering the item though I think that bonus type is appropriate.

I am more worried about trying to balance the effects, I am concerned that some items are weaker than others due to what I would consider price inflation for certain abilities.  I mean for 12,000 a character can make a wand of cure critical wounds with 50 charges, now yes I understand this is a limited use item but 50 charges should go a long way.  Currently the Mask of the Witchdoctor provides 3/day cure moderate wounds and 1/day restoration for more than 16,000, obviously it provides a skill bonus and light fortification but this is also a level 12 item. 

I just want to make sure players don't invest in something like this only to be disappointed by the abilities.  Obviously part of the appeal to this would be roleplaying, but I don't think a player should feel like they are holding their character back for the sake of roleplaying the part, I think this can go hand in hand.

On that note, please throw out suggestions to improve on this, Magicdealer has provided some great input but I still feel there can be a lot of improvement made.

I like the idea, do you think

I like the idea, do you think they would be upgradable like normal magic items or were you thinking they should have to craft a brand new item in order to upgrade it?

As far as setting up the masks to be similar to the base classes, I like the idea as it will give us a baseline starting point. The one problem I have with this is two parts, I think we should do one for every class since PCs are exactly limited as far as classes go (unless I have missed some restrictions for the Dark Golden Age setting). However at the same time Sarkan culture wouldn't really see some of these classes so I am having trouble wrapping my head around the idea of a mask based on a sorcerer, remember the Sarkans are relatively primitive and more spiritual, I can certainly see druids and even clerics or paladins as they could come about as part of worship of a spirit of the natural world.

The problem is we are starting to tread into territory that I think may be largely undeveloped regarding the use of magic in the setting, we have established that magic does function but only through sacrifice of either the caster or another being. However if the mechanics don't actually change it is basically just fluff.

We have 5 masks created so far and if we associate them with a base class it should look something like this.

Barbarian - Mask of Rage
Bard - Mask of Leadership (the ability is actually based straight off the song of courage ability the bard has)
Cleric - maybe something to do with healing, removing curses or warding off evil/undead?
Druid - could do a summon ability or some advanced version of wild empathy?
Fighter/Monk - Either of these could use the Mask of Battle (technically anyone would welcome an extra standard action) I may draw up another one that will enhance combat maneuver scores
Ranger - Mask of Sight
Rogue - Mask of Shadows
Sorcerer/Wizard - I am reluctant to even try this partly because I just cant see something like this for Sarkan culture and also because I think casters are pretty powerful as is without giving them additional options, but then again I am bias like that.

If you have time we should set down on skype and work some of this stuff out sometime.

Hmm... the only thing is that

Hmm... the only thing is that divine magic "cleric, druid, paladin" has only recently come into existence, so it seems strange to me that masks would already be established into the culture for them.

Similarly, for generations, sorcerer/wizards were common and powerful, so it makes sense to me that those masks would exist even if the occurrence of spellcasters has declined. As far as a sorcerer in the sarkan culture, a sorcerer or wizard could be the local shaman or performer of rituals.

Here are the mechanics for Dark Golden Age Spellcasting:

Perhaps the caster mask can function as an arcane vessel, with level ranges 0-4 for lesser and 5-9 for greater. Though that sounds more like a modern adaptation than anything else, and runs into the same problem as having masks for divine casters... Hmm... the wizard version could also function as the arcane bond item. There are some things we could explore that wouldn't give the casters more of a benefit than giving a rogue the invisibility spell a few times each day.

Why not simply have the

Why not simply have the caster version of the mask allow for an extra spell slot? I don't know much about casters as I have never played one but we could effectively have the mask give different level slots depending on the version of the mask. Lesser could be maybe like an extra level 0 and 1 slot and greater could be an extra 2 and 3? I think this would be a fair compromise as this isn't giving a HUGE bonus to casters but is providing a much welcomed bonus. Spell consolidation has always been a big issue in most of my games, but then again I don't typically have DMs who let us rest after almost every fight.

Mmm... I like that solution.

Mmm... I like that solution. Simple, yet elegant.


Although I suppose we would

Although I suppose we would have to make it limited to the final form of the mask. I noticed they have an item called "ring of wizardry" which doubles the amount of 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th level spells a wizard/sorcerer gets depending on what level ring you get. We could do something similar to this except just giving an extra spell slot instead of actually doubling the amount they get.

Check out the "Pearl of

Check out the "Pearl of Power" in the core rulebook page 525. That might be a good effect to use. Plus, it makes calculating the final cost a lot easier :)

So the base mask should cost 400g, which you've got listed already :)

Then, the lesser mask should be 2500g (from the skill bonus) and 1k (from the light fortification)x1.5 (for multiple different abilities) so 4000g.

Then, the greater masks will be 4000+ the value of their unique abilities. We'll have to do those on a case-by-case basis.

For the Mask of Rage, it's a valuable but limited power. There are a lot of abilities that gain benefits from an intimidated target. It affects fewer people than dazzling display, but it doesn't take an action to activate. As my best guess, I'd say value that ability at 10k, so the mask of rage would be 14k total.

For the mask of Shadows, you've got a 1/day invisibility, but one that uses a scaling caster level. Still, regular invisibility isn't as great as improved invisibility so the scaling matters a lot less there. 2nd level spell, 3rd level caster so 2*3*1800= 10,800. I think the scaling caster level makes one use about as good as two or three uses of a set caster level, so 10800/(5/2)=4320 +4000= 8320g maybe round that to 8k or 8500.

Mask of Sight casts detect magic 3 times a day. I think the tradeoff between it functioning as through 3 rounds and only lasting for 1 round is a good, balanced tradeoff, so no modification for that. Detect magic is a 0 level spell, which is counted as half of a first level spell. So .5*1*1800=900g 900/(5/3)=540g. In this case, the total value is only 4540, so you might want to consider improving the ability.

Mask of Leadership basically casts a sup'ed up bless that lasts for 5 rounds. For the power increase, we'll change the duration from 1min/level to 1round/level, making it 1st level spell and 5th level caster. 1*5*1800=9000 9000/(5/1)= 1800. total cost is 5800g. Might consider making it a 3/day effect.

Mask of Battle grants an additional standard action. It's very similar to haste as a free action, so I'll use that as the basis with no modification since there's no action to activate. 3*7*1800=37800 37800/(5/1)=7560 +4000= 11560g

Mask of the Witchdoctor casts mass cure serious wounds. I suggest you set the caster level = to the minimum needed to cast the spell. 7*13*1800=163,800g 163800/(5/1)=32760+4000=36760 In this case, you might want a lower level spell.

Ok so making some of these

Ok so making some of these changes here is what I came up with, correct me if I am wrong.

First off since we are going by enhancement rules doesn't that mean when upgrading an item you take the new value and subtract it by the old value? In otherwords an item worth 4000gp that is upgraded and to a new value of say 10k, you would take 10,000 - 4,000 = 6,000GP for the cost you would pay to upgrade it. I would assume this would still apply but regardless this is what I came up with.

Mask of Rage - Since we don't have a way to calculate the cost for this I am just going to go with your idea of 10k for the final ability.

Mask of Shadows - Using Greater Invisibility 1/day would be 4*7*1800 = 50400/(5/1) = 10080

Mask of Sight - I need some suggestions for what to either add to this or replace the ability with, for the life of me I cant come up with something good associated with the theme.

Mask of Leadership - Setting this up to be a 3/day ability gives us 1*5*1800 = 9000/(5/3) = 5625

Mask of Battle - Keeping your formula 3*7*1800 = 37800/(5/1) = 7560

Mask of the Witchdoctor - This one is really bothering me because any healing abilities worth giving it (in the sense this is an artifact) make this ridiculously expensive compared to the other masks. Originally I would have liked to have given this something similar to the clerics channel energy ability, it was similar to the mass cure wounds spells so I tried using those but the cost just seems WAY too high. For now I will leave it as having Cure Serious Wounds 3/day and see if anyone has any other suggestions for it. 3*5*1800 = 27000/(5/3) = 16875

That's correct, you would

That's correct, you would take the new value and subtract it by the old value. However, you need to be clear in the text about what you are doing there, or people will look at it and go: 4k, 6k, gee, I only have to pay 2k to get the upgraded version!

People are silly like that.

For the Mask of Sight, you might consider having it activate a true seeing ability. True seeing is awesome. Or you might have it grant a bonus on range increments or ranged attacks or some such.

For the Mask of the Witchdoctor... cure light wounds, mass is 5th level spell. So 9th level cleric, 5th level spell, 9*5*1800=81,000/5=16200. Remember, this mass spell isn't curing 1d8 damage. It's curing 1d8+9 damage. That's a sight bit better than the cleric channel ability, where you only have dice to roll and not static modifiers to increase the healing. It's roughly equal healing, on average, to a 4d6 channel. And you can target up to nine creatures, which means you don't risk healing your enemies when you use it. Granted, it has restrictions. But in a world where most creatures have six hitpoints, being commoners, you're bringing the most grievously injured of them back to full health.

Alternatively, you could stay away from the whole mass healing thing, and instead make it into a wallet of useful abilities. Give it a little single target healing, give it lesser restoration, maybe a remove disease or two... just a toolbox of low level abilities that would be useful for a shaman to have access to.

Ok changes have been made, I

Ok changes have been made, I went ahead and threw on 3/day cure moderate along with a 1/day restoration spell for the mask of the witchdoctor. Also changes the mask of sight to provide true seeing (why cant I find these spells sooner).

This should cover a base for these items, if anyone wants to please look over it and if you would like to add some new ones to the list please go for it.

Regarding the Intimidation

Regarding the Intimidation ability there actually exists a feat that does this exact thing, its called "Cornugon Smash". The feat is actually better as it doesn't put a limit on the amount of times you can do it to an enemy.

Does anyone know if there is a formula for calculating item abilities based on bonus feats given? Because I could basically just change the wording of the mask to give the feat to make it easier to calculate value.

From my crappy memory--

I recall that items aren't supposed to provide feats that have other feats as prerequisites. Since Cornugon Smash requires power attack, that would tend to rule it out as an option. At least from what I remember of the item creation guidelines.

I think the ability as is is just fine. The limit of once/day per person is a good balancer.

Well I set the cost for masks

Well I set the cost for masks at 500 for materials plus whatever value the level of mask being created is worth.

As such base masks are 500 (for materials) + 400 (skill bonus times 100) = 900

Lesser masks would be 500 (for materials) + 1000 (Fortification, Light is a +1 armor bonus according to the SRD) + 500 (skill bonus times 100) = 2000

Greater masks are going to vary from ability.

I am finding a problem doing masks for all the core classes since either the abilities are difficult to come up with (the druid for instance) or I just cant fit the class into the culture.

The lesser mask is listed as

The lesser mask is listed as granting the +5 to the skill, so it should be:

Skill bonus (competence Bonus squared x 100gp

+ 1000 (fortification, Light) which is multiplied by 1.5 for being a different type of ability (you can find that on page 549 of the core rulebook under the heading Magic Item Gold Piece Value, subheading Multiple Different Abilities

That makes fortification, light cost 1500g. Added to the skill bonus is 4k.

I'd say skip the core classes that don't fit into the culture, and make a list of the ones you feel fit into the culture but can't think up an ability for. I'll try to come up with some ideas for those, and even if they don't work, they might give you an idea of what you'd like to see.

Oh apparently I completely

Oh apparently I completely misread that formula, well that makes the prices seem a little more correct, I was thinking they seemed really cheap.