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The Arcane Schools

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Each School of magic within Sascria uses a name slightly different than the more standard arcane means of defining magic. Within each type of magic, there are actually multiple guilds - or Schools - within Sascria. Each of the main ones is represented by a Dean to the Chancellor, the leader of Sascria.

Abjuration: the School of Adamant

Conjuration: the School of Worlds

Divination: the School of Omniscience

Enchantment: the School of Dominion

Evocation: the School of Desolation

Illusion: the School of Masquerade

Necromancy: the School of Eternity

Transmutation: the School of Metamorphosis

The School of Adamant

The School of Adamant was a mercenary organization, serving those who wished to have protection from the other Schools.  They remained politically neutral as long as their employer was serving the status quo.

The School of Worlds

The School of Worlds was ultimately concerned with exploration of the astral, shadow and elemental planes.  It is widely believed that the School of Worlds holds at least as many secrets as any other organization, and  have the best understanding of the actual metaphysical workings of magic.  They became even more secretive after the Collapse.

The School of Omniscience

The School of Omniscience engaged in arcane espionage on the one hand, and on the other hand the School attracted metaphysical seekers wishing to delve in to absolute truth.  The School of Omniscience served as information brokers - charging very high prices for their services.

The School of Dominion

The School of Dominion is not shy about it's perceived purpose - political and social domination.

The School of Desolation

The School of Desolation is tied with the School of Dominion for most frightening.  Where the School of Adamant was mercenary in predictable ways, the School of Desolation was anything but.  The evokers sold and even lent their overwhelming power to movements and organizations according to their own inscrutable purposes.

The School of Masquerade

The School of Masquerade was the School of Revelation's competitor in areas of espionage, but was far less trustworthy when selling and disseminating the information they would gather.  The fear and assumption of the other Schools is that the School of Masquerade had agents in every organization and even in rival Schools.  The illusionists tend to function in autonomous cells, meaning that even capturing a high-ranking illusionist would not necessarily reveal anything about the School's overall plans.

The School of Eternity

In a world without gods or an afterlife, the fear of death can be overwhelming.  The School of Eternity concerned itself with the careful study of death in order to overcome it.  Experiments toward this purpose resulted in the many varieities of undead in the world, culminating in the Lich Lord, the deathless head of the School of Eternity for hundreds of years.  Since the Collapse, the Lich Lord has faded from public leadership of the School, leaving that to other, lesser Liches and others augmented by their study of death.

The School of Metamorphosis

The School of Metamorphosis is the reason there are beast-folk and monsters walking the world.  They were the innovators,  using their magical power to mold living tissue an unliving materials according to their whim.  They were great builders of impossible architecture, much of which has catastrophically fallen since the Collapse.  That which remains is maintained at great cost.  The School of Metamorphosis could have been the most powerful of the Schools before the Collapse, but it was plagued by inept leadership and internal conflict.

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Frozen-Rivers's picture

Hey, quick question...

Do The Arcane Schools exist in the other countries, or are there separate chains of schools for each country?

mikeb's picture

Based in Sascria

They are based in Sascria as their form of government is a magocracy. They also likely operate in clandestine forms in the other countries as well. The other countries will have other magocratic structures if they were very magically-oriented prior to the Collapse. The descriptions in the theme material items might be useful for getting seeds for those details.

Sascria the superpower

There's some simplification if the Arcane Schools are 'international' organizations with their power-base in Sascria - like maybe the CIA, or big corporations are now. That we, we don't have to fill in quite as many setting elements. I also don't recall seeing the arcane magic "schools" of D&D made into powerful political entities, so I want to highlight that part of the DGA :)

It would make sense, given that Sascria is turning out to look like the (or a) superpower of the pre-Collapse world that whatever was happening there would have effects beyond it's borders - whether local people wanted it or not in some cases.