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The Ferronian/Southern Pantheon; The Nine

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 In the write-up of Ferron, it says that those who worship the pantheon of nine deities worship them collectively rather than individually.  Because of this, I can see the most basic answer being to treat The Nine as essentially a single deity.  Normally deities in the pathfinder book are listed with five Domains; I'm inclined to give The Nine either six or nine total.

I'd like to keep the gender-roles that exist in Ferronian society, so I'm going to propose two 'versions' of the Nine - one for men and one for women.  Maybe the focus is on different specific deities among the Nine, or maybe worship of the Nine simply offers different gifts (Domains) to different individuals.

The Nine for Female Worshipers

Domains: Glory, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Nobility, Rune

The Nine for Male Worshipers

Domains: Artifice, Destruction, Healing, Strength, Travel, War