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The School of Dominion

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The School of Dominion is the dominant wizard's guild dealing with Enchantment magic in Sascria. Prior to the Collapse, they had much greater power as enchantment allowed the School to influence and control the thousands of beastfolk and monsters that were used as slave labor and gladiatorial combat. With so much of their magic active throughout Sascria, they were hit extremely hard by the loss of their magical power.

Before the Collapse, the School of Dominion was perhaps the most frightening of all schools - they had the power to subvert one's very will, to change someone's identity such that their victim would not even realize it had been done until it was too late.

While the School of Metamorphosis' experiments led to most of the beastfolk being created, it was the School of Dominion that worked with them to ingrain into many of them a basic weakness against mind-affecting magic.  Brute force and chains could only go so far in controlling slave species - but if those chains were forged in their very personality, control could be nearly complete.

The Collapse hit, and in most cases, erased the magical controls the School of Dominion had over the beastfolk.  In a moment, tens of thousands of slaves were suddenly freed.  Not only that, they remembered that their minds were subverted against them.  In a paroxysm of rage they lashed out, killing thousands of Wizards in a matter of hours.

Since that disaster, the School of Dominion has been even less shy about using their enchantment abilities on other humans, even other Wizards in other Schools, in order to re-assert their power in Sascria.

For their internal organization, the School of Dominion uses old political terms, and they have divided the entirety of Sascria (and, rumor has it, even other neighboring lands) into regions which they seek to control.  Domitor, Plebian and Consul are some common terms of rank.

What is not widely known is that the School of Masquerade, working in conjunction with the School of Adamant, has deeply infiltrated the School of Dominion by killing members and replacing them.  For ever impostor found out, there are 10 more working in secret, even at the highest levels of authority...to what end is unknown.

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Arcane schools as political powers

I've implied this elsewhere, but I really like the idea of the arcane schools serving as powerful political forces. For example, the School of Dominion would be all about political power, about turning the will of sentient beings to their own service. They would actually be a really good potential villain - imagine a mind-control organization and the impact it would have on politics now. Of course no one would trust them and they'd have plenty of enemies. There would also be paranoia - have they gotten to you? Are you one of them?

Further, I like this idea because it makes casting an arcane spell a potentially political act.

It would also account for the odd rituals and special languages that arise around magic. The mages of each school would try to keep their secrets until the last moment - so no one would be able to guess what spell they were casting, perhaps, until the very last moment.