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City State of Brug

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 Dig it - I typed in a %#&@ LOAD of info and this thing deleted it. It is late and I aint typin alla that in again. Here are some images of the Maps I made of Brug. One is from above and one is from the side. Some day when I am not so (#@$% off I will edit the rest of it further >:

Link to the larger map: www.aetherealplane.com/byswarm/brugmap.jpg

City State of Brug in SW Eastern League



   Next we have the side view which can be seen in Hi Res at: www.aetherealplane.com/byswarm/brugxsect.jpg

Cross Section of Brug


I will get the rest typed up on the side and enter it using a text editor later. 


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OK, I have calmed down a bit...

First thing, it is important to notice that the city is VERY large in comparison to the average city in fantasy milieu. The outer ringed wall is approximately 10 miles in diameter and the walls over 400 feet in height. This city was built by magic to not only be the ultimate in defense, but to impress upon any would be attackers the futility of attempting to lay siege upon this fortress. Each of the walls had the ability to cast a dome of arcane energy over the city. each of these domes added up over the top of the central power center making the central seat all the more secure. The construction of the walls is rested upon successive growth in a similar fashion to that of Tolkien's White City of Minas Tirith or the Fabled Gondolin of the Silmarillion with a few notable exceptions.

Each wall is linked magically and created with residues forged of powerful arcane items intermixed into a slurry of magical stone and earth which was hardened in place by the most powerful of collective magicks. No one wizard created the walls rather thousands worked together to forge this structure. as the domes go up they would draw upon the surrounding essence of magick and since linked back to those domes of successively smaller surface and angular vector they would serve to fuel one another becoming stronger and using less energy as each added dome came up. Today, with the diminishing of energies it is possible only to bring up the two inner domes and then for only a very short time. No longer can this wonder of magickal construct light the region with its graceful dome for when the mages and wizards bring up the dome it exacts a fearsome toll upon them. for every 4 hours the two domes remain up one of those which powers it will be consumed into the vacuum of the arcane in what can only be described as a horrific and gruesome death.

Those areas outside of the wall, although fallen into decay these days, were in no way slums in the hey day of the masters of this wondrous place. However, recently there has been a constant battle at each of the entry points to the Undercity with the hordes of Kobolds which have taken up residence beneath the city. Although weak singularly their numbers are so very staggering that it is all that the people of the New Order of Brug can do to hold them at bay. The remaining mages, fearful and mistrusting of the "un-gifted" leaders of the New Order, refuse to depart the central reaches of the city nor to allow their forces to coordinate their efforts with those of the New Order. Certainly this mistrust is not helping the situation and frankly the two groups, if they were to work together, could likely turn the tide of this conflict. Unfortunately both groups despise one another so much that they would rather see their city destroyed than to serve the other.

Mercenaries can work for either of the two factions, however the pay is a great deal better from the Arcane Brotherhood. Those which choose a side must also realize that the other side will never trust them again so adventurers must take care when deciding upon whom to serve. Both groups will allow passage of the other's forces through territories that they hold so long as those forces do not brandish weapons and adhere to age old forms of proper warfare established and embraced within the Eastern League. On the map those points marked by a "b" or a "c" have entyr junctions to the Undercity and are in a constant state of war. These junctions are held by the New Order forces, at a constant state of battle readiness poised upon the razor's edge. Those places marked by an "a" are great parks that house the transit circuit to the central city. The untamed mercenary forces of the Arcane Brotherhood hold these locations for near ach of these places there is an entry to the Undercity and the Mage Leaders fear that if they do not hold their portals it is possible that the Kobold forces, however unlikely and uninformed, could overtake a portal and transit hordes of attackers into the central city area.

More later....