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Grand Androcras

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Grand Androcras


Grand Androcras was named after a small child who, in a daring feat of skullduggery, successfully picked Domitoro's pouch. It was only when the child tripped and dropped the coins on the ground that his deed was revealed. When asked, the child only identified himself as Andro. Domitoro was so impressed with the childs deed that he allowed him to keep the coins he had pilfered. Later, as he sat contemplating what to name his growing town, all he could remember was the defiant look on that childs face. And so, Grand Androcras was born.

Grand Androcras has a reputation for being one of the MOST lecherous cities in all of Free Tesaya. It specializes in the most extreme, the most exotic, and the most depraved products available. While Grand Androcras is lively during the day, it is only at night and shrouded in darkness, that the real pulse of the city can be felt. Dance and drug clubs are found on every corner. Ruling over Grand Androcras is the Domitoro, who finds his way down into the city on a frequent basis. It is his protection that has allowed the city to grow up around him.

Grand Androcras is THE place to be if you're looking for excitement, trade, or trouble. All can be found in plenty. On one corner, a man will try to sell you a map to the buried vault of Archmage Andelar with the understanding that you split the take with him. Standing next to him is a huckster selling charms that promise to protect you from all magic. He'll also try to sell you contraceptives, a magical dagger, and an evening with a special "friend" of his. As you walk away, he'll tell you about an inn where you can get a discount by mentioning his name.

This scene is repeated over and over again, on every street corner across the city, the largest city to appear since the collapse. Whether you're looking to buy magical items, grain for your town, or the services of three uninhibited beastfolk females, Grand Androcras is the place to be.



As I mentioend on Domitoro's

As I mentioend on Domitoro's page's comments, I think it would be cool, and an interesting challenge for PC's ethics, if there is a human slave trading district in Grand Androcras.  It's the city where you can buy anything - except beastfolk slaves.  As I think about it, this could be a great place for the weird, wonderful and disturbing.  What do magically agumented humanoids, newly freed from a thousand years of slavery, do with their newfound freedom?

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In games that have gone

In games that have gone through Halag, I've mentioned that there are a handful of human slaves for sale in the city. I think it only makes sense that there would be some beastfolk who see a human slave trade as just desserts.

On the note of slavery, whats

On the note of slavery, whats to stop beastfolk from continuing the beastfolk slave trade? This kind of reminds me of that scene from planet of the apes where their number one rule is to never kill another ape, short story, it ends up happening and the quote from the main character is "they just joined the human race".

Obviously something like this would be very bad, at least by beastfolk standards, but are all beast really above doing something like this if there was some sort of gain to be had? I can certainly see this as being one of those things no one ever expected but you know something like it is bound to happen.

O_o I just assumed that the

O_o I just assumed that the beastfolk slave trade was continuing anyhow, perpetuated by beastfolk and humans alike. Beastfolk would have started up the human trade. For example, in Sascria where the mageocracy is mostly intact, they would still have their slaves. And they would continue breeding and trading within their borders. For the opportunistic, bringing in new beastfolk slaves into sascria might be marginally profitable if for nothing more than sources of information.

Yup, that was my assumption,

Yup, that was my assumption, but it makes sense that beastfolk would also trade in beastfolk slaves.  No reason they'll love each other more than humans do.  I would see this as something new, though, that would slowly develop over time.  In a situation where almost every living beastfolk is a recently-freed slave, only the relatively depraved would go back to it - but I'm sure some would.

I would just maybe see this

I would just maybe see this sort of thing happening as... well all things like this end up happening, it may not be planned unless the individual is particularly evil or what not, I could especially see many new warlords taking this route in order to gain power quickly as I am sure there will always be a demand for cheap labor.  But greed and power have a way of turning even good intentions into bad ones, it might be an interesting plot device to incorporate into the world though.

Oh definitely, you've got

Oh definitely, you've got beastfolk coming from vastly different backgrounds, many of which were pre-set into castes. Not everyone will be able to get over that.

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I like the background of the

I like the background of the city. Since it's only been a few years since the Collapse, that's not much time to build it up. Do you see it as a shanty town and tent city kind of thing, or do you think it works better as a "liberated" city that Beastfolk took over after running the humans off?

Mostly, I see it spreading

Mostly, I see it spreading out from the original structures around the grain repository. The further out you go, the more ramshackle the buildings become until you're looking at mostly tents. As you move closer to the center, you run into basic wooden frameworks supporting clothen walls and ceilings. The closer you get, the more wood and less cloth you encounter, until you reach the original outbuildings of the repository and the Domitoro's protective fortifications. While there are some newly constructed buildings ringing the old buildings, it's the idea of safety and food far more than dry nights that have helped cause the rapid growth of this city.

Domitoro chose it specifically because it wasn't in the middle of an existing town, where warlords would battle most fiercely for control. That gave him time to set up protective earthenworks and defensive structures to help deal with the onslaught of would-be rulers trying to dethrone him. Think of a grain silo in the middle of heavy farmland. During harvest, it is filled almost to overflow. The grain there is moved via a simple teleportation circle to a central grain repository, which has been built away from the cities so as not to waste space or mar the look of the town. Also, it's another safeguard against possible *though very unlikely* explosion. From this grain repository, the grain can be sent to various cities for dispersal and sale through a handful of iris portals. Simple tools can measure the grain as it comes through from a number of silos, and payment is easily sent to the field masters. The repository would store grain from dozens of silos, many hundreds of acres of farmlands, and would hold sufficient quantities to feed several cities from one harvest to the next, with a suficiently reasonable amount stockpiled against need. Such a building comes with a decent amount of personnel, allowing for many outbuildings in addition to the repository storehouses themselves.

As areas of the silo slowly empty out, the grain having been sold and dispensed, the enormous chambers then become available for whatever Domitoro sees fit to do with them. While some parts of the repository were, by necessary, above ground, many of the storage chambers where underground, and their protections against vermin and rot still hold.

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Cool, I like those

Cool, I like those description. :)