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Sascrian Highway System

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In the decades before the Collapse, Sascria established a network of magical roads. The blood of pegasi was added to a loose mixture of ground stone. This mixture was spread along the path of the highway with wizards using Fabricate to form the mixture into a smooth surface. The pegasi blood enabled enchantments that effectively allowed travelers to float a few inches above the surface. Without the friction and pounding of the road, a horse could travel times farther than normal in a day.  The highway connected all the Sascrian towns that had more than 500 people which means there are hundreds of miles of highway. The Sascrians also built the highway to the major trade cities in the countries surrounding Sascria that were not at war with them.  While the Collapse resulted in the floating effect failing, the highway is still very smooth. The highway allows faster travel, especially for wheeled wagons, but is obviously a target for bandits looking for victims trying to travel quickly. The rate for wheeled travel on the Sascrian highway is twice as fast as normal. 



Interesting.. so the

Interesting.. so the enchantment is still in effect then?

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A few spots, yes, but in general no

The enchantment is still there in a few spots, but not for any real distance, perhaps 10 or 20 feet over the course of 5 miles. It's still fast for wheeled travel because they are incredibly smooth.