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Bards, Sorcerers, Summoners, etc. in Sascria

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 So, I've been thinking a lot about Sascria lately, working on write-ups for the various schools, and I'm wondering where other arcane casters fit.  We generally talk about the magocracy of Sascria as being composed of Wizards, but that leaves other arcane casters like Bards, Sorcerers and the new Summoners out.

I could see Sorcerers just being minority members of each of the schools - maybe not able to hold the highest positions of authority, but more often serving as "muscle" for each school since they can lay down the spells all day.

Bards seem to fit either in the School of Dominion or the School of Masquerade, again as minority members, since their spell list and abilities have a lot of crossover with those two schools.  Before the Collapse, Bards would have been some of the only magical healers in Gondal, making them a really big deal.  Maybe that accounts for inflated status for them, which they are losing in the wake of the Collapse?

Summoners seem to clearly fit as a minority of specialists in the School of Worlds.

Any other thoughts?

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Make excellent politicians, messengers and general 'face' of some of the colleges. Also, they would work well as ambassadors for Sascria.

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For summoners, I've been considering whether they are a new arrival since the Collapse. If we don't go that far, I think the idea about the School of Worlds is a good one.

Being new arrivals also makes

Being new arrivals also makes sense, since we're also looking at the emergence of more extraplanar entities post-Collapse (maybe the barriers dropped temporarily, and a number of them who were waiting for such an eventuality snuck through).

Maybe split the difference - Summoners have been around the whole time as a part of the School of Worlds as sub-specialists in conjuration (with feats like Augmented Summoning, etc.), but now they have developed the new ability to summon Eidolons, and are turning to study what exactly they are, and why they are capable of this, but weren't before the Collapse.

I think that's my favorite solution.