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Understanding the Map

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I figured that this would be easier than trying to type a description of this.  I super imposed one map over the other, and then tried to figure out what was where.  I would also like to take a crack at deloping the area circled in pink, but wanted to make sure it was okay to be doing so. I would also need two rivers added to that area for what I had in mind. The last thing, was I was trying to get a feel for the size in relationship to the US. Did I get that right?


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Your US overlay is somewhat

Your US overlay is somewhat close. It doesn't have to be rocket science exact to give a good feel for it. The area in pink that you marked in pink is definitely white in the original map. Adding major rivers there would be tricky because of the mountain range going through that section, but there could definitely be rivers there - think Merrimack River vs. Mississippi River. The rivers I put onto the map are only the big ones. If you want to start developing that previously unlabeled area, the best stuff to read up on would be material on Sascria and Venna since those are the two neighboring countries.

One thing that the Dark Golden Age gives us a little bit of an opportunity to do is have the "countries" be in those positions but with varying degrees of actual control over their borders. In other words, they might claim a certain border as their territory, but they might only have military control within 20 miles of that border due to any variety of reasons.