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Uncle Kort and Aunt Kyra's Orphans

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New thread for the replacement to Pathfinder Society that Mike is running.

Background: The PCs are all orphans, raised or being raised by Kort and Kyra Harvena. "Uncle" Kort is a member of the School of Adamant and retired from the magocratic council in Alascombe about ten years before the Collapse. He is known by the "family" as being rather outspoken against the Arcane Schools, although he always admonished the "children" for speaking in public about the subject. Beastfolk members of the family always operated under a cover of being slaves. After the Collapse though, they have been "freed" by the Harvenas with many of them staying with the family under the cover of servants, workers and otherwise. "Aunt" Kora seems to have developed her own magical talents since the Collapse, but they are of the divine sort.

Activities: Since the Collapse, members of the family have taken on rescue missions, attacks on slavers, searches of old magocratic holdings for magic, and the occasional strike against the resources of the School of Eternity. Alascombe is about 1500 souls now, and it is pretty safely in Sascrian territory. Adventures will be in, below and beyond Alascombe.

Starting characters: 3rd level using 25-point builds, 2 traits, 3000 gp in wealth. Any non-evil alignment.

Please leave a comment here with your character concept. Be sure to at least skim the Setting Outline pages (links in upper right) before submitting your idea.

Haha well shoot, if I could I

Haha well shoot, if I could I would, I think driving from Arizona might be a bit much though. I havent had an in person game in a long time.

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Definitely interested in playing, subject to availability.

Are there any classes or races that are forbidden?

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All classes from Core, APG

All classes from Core, APG and UM are allowed. UC isn't, although I've been thinking about Gunslingers.

Humans, all Beastfolk that don't have level adjustment, Aasimar, and Tieflings are allowed.

Mind if I jump in on this?

Mind if I jump in on this?

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If you can get to Champaign,

If you can get to Champaign, Illinois, sure. ;) It's going to be an in-person game. Feel free to comment if you're looking to offer experiences. :)