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Advanced Races Guide Playtest is available now

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Go download it and see if you get ideas. I haven't even downloaded it myself yet.


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ARG Playtest thoughts

The ARG playtest info is interesting, but I still think racial creation is as much an art as a mathematical exercise.  Still, a useful tool.

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Yeah, I think it's important

Yeah, I think it's important to start from a concept and then fill in the math. Otherwise it doesn't work together.

After reading through the book...

So, after reading through the advanced race guild, all I can say is that it has a long way to go before it's to the point where we can start converting our races using it.

Right now, unless you play an advanced creature *I.E. one that starts at 2nd level* or higher, you can't get claw attacks. We'll just have to give it some time, and hopefully the beta playtest will be more usable.

Don't get me wrong, it has potential. But it's very inflexible at the moment.

Oh yeah!

I am so turned on right now.

Looked at this for a bit, it

Looked at this for a bit, it looks pretty good although I dont know if they ever had something like this to begin with so I cant really compare it.  Although I do think they are left some things out, they included several templates like construct and undead but left out others.  All in all it does look like a pretty good start for putting things together and its always nice to have everything in one document to look over.

Just out of curiousity doest the DGA have dragons?  I know its been done in other versions of the game with dragonborn but I figured it might be cool to have a race like that (assuming dragons exist in this world).

As far as I can answer, the

As far as I can answer, the DGA does not have dragons.  They haven't been mentioned in any of the setting material, and in my view, dragons should be pretty significant.  Maybe there is a creation myth with dragons, or a religious group that worships dragons or that kind of thing, but I guess - a preliminary no.  We can add dragons if there is popular demand.

One thing, looking at what MikeB put up for the power of arcane magic before the Collapse - maybe long ago human arcane casters exterminated all of the dragons.  Or sacrificed them for power.  Or learned magic from them and then turned on them once they learned their weaknesses.  Etc.  I feel like dragons might kind of mess with the 'feel' of the setting.

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I think dragons are probably

I think dragons are probably part of the setting somehow, but I haven't really considered it beyond "there should be dragons". It might be on par with Privateer Press's Iron Kingdoms dragons - there are only a handful, and they are very very powerful, approaching god-like. Maybe they were on one of the Planes, and they are now able to begin returning.

Was just thinking of new

Was just thinking of new stuff that could be added, dragons just came to mind because they are the iconic creature of D&D and they actually put dragonoid characters together quite nicely in some of the other editions.

I agree though dragons would have to be insanely powerful so I dont know how you would set them up to be a playable beastfolk.