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Beastfolk Setting Feats

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Claw or Bite Attack

Benefit: When you take this feat, choose a natural attack type. You gain the Grab ability with that attack type. Example: Claw or Bite.

Grab can only be used in combination with unarmed attacks. Armed attacks cannot be used in the same round as a Grab attack is made.


Swallow Whole



Grab(Bite Attack),

Character Level 5+

Benefit: Gain the Swallow Whole ability with your Grab(Bite Attack). Damage is equal to your Bite Attack damage.





Character Level 5+

Benefit: Gain the Pounce ability with the following restrictions: Pounce may only be used with unarmed attacks. Armed attacks cannot be used in the same round as a Pounce charge attack is made.







Character Level 11+

Benefit: Gain the Rake ability, usable only when grappling.





Character Level 11+

Two+ natural attacks

Benefit: Gain the Rend ability with the following restrictions: Rend may only be used with unarmed attacks. Armed attacks cannot be used in the same round as Rend.





Benefit: Gain the scent ability.






Character Level 5+

Benefit: Gain Blindsense 30ft.




Feats and purpose

So this page is intended to be a place where we can work in creating Beastfolk-specific feats for the setting. To start it off, I went ahead and tried to convert some bestiary special abilities into feats that our beastfolk can pick up.

why 6th level?

I saw some of the feats come in at 6th level, but you don't get feets ate 6th, you get them at ever odd level.

Good catch, thank you!

Good catch, thank you!

I have a problem with the blindsense and blindsight feats

Blindsense to 60 is too much for the feat - make it 30 and it is still awesome. As it is, I can't really see someone not taking it.

As for blindsight, scent shouldn't take you down that path. Blindsight is often explained more along the lines of sonar, or some other fast-tracking sense. Don't forget it is essentially a form of vision - not olfactory.

I linked them together to

I linked them together to make it a progressive improvement. Scent is the basic of animal senses. Blindsense is better than scent, but not as good as blindsight. Blindsense is described in the bestiary as "Using nonvisual senses such as acute smell or hearing, a creature with blindsense notices things it cannot see."

Then, Blindsight is the best version of this. It's described as "This ability is similar to blindsense, but is far more discerning. Using nonvisual senses such as sensitivity to vibrations, keen smell, acute hearing, or echolocation..."

So blindsight, though a form of vision, can use smell, or hearing as the basis for its use.

I'll drop Blindsense down to 30, since that's what blindsight is set to.

I see it in the PRD as

I see it in the PRD as extremely acute smell... but it still bothers me. I would have to allow it to be countered with any of the scent-blocking or modifying items out there (such as scent block, Kava Musk, etc.).

It is really a huge power. It essentially makes ranks in perception useless, so why wouldn't any melee character take it? No more sneak attacks from invisible rogues etc - once they are within range of their SA, you immediately spot them, no roll needed.

Echolocation is a 4th level spell for a druid, 5th for sorc/wiz. A swamp druid can get blindsight at 12th level. Oracles get it to 15ft at level 15.

Barbarians can get it at 19th level.

I just can't see a fighter not taking this feat path. And that is usually a bad sign in the feat design arena.

I wouldn't necessarily say

I wouldn't necessarily say its bad design for a class to always take a feat, its fairly common knowledge that power attack for example is a feat that melee classes ALWAYS take.

Technically Blindsight is a combination of the other sense feats, it functions when blindsense or scent would not work in the case of not having a smell or not being able to see an opponent. And considering you are paying 3 feats to reach that level it doesn't seem that broken, you still cant get it until 11th level and that's assuming you are willing to invest half your feats into getting it.

While blindsight is nice,

While blindsight is nice, it's not as all-awesome as it appears. You still need line of effect, meaning the rogue making his way closer behind trees will still force your perception roll. One thing we can do to tone the power of the feat down would be to add in the triggering action. From the bestiary:
"Some forms of blindsight, however, must be triggered as a free action... If a creature must trigger its blindsight ability, the creature gains the benefits of blindsight only during its turn."

But then the question becomes whether it would remain a feat worth investing in two other feats to get.

Personally I think scent and

Personally I think scent and tremor sense is about all you need, I mean honestly if you cant see, smell or feel the person through the ground you are pretty much screwed anyway save for having some magic buffs anyway.

But I think its more important that a character have a reason for having an ability other than simply having it because its good. So as far as I am concerned for feats like this a DM should simply say "why is your character getting this feat?" if the player cant tie it into his character for some reason, why should he be able to get it? A beast folk I could easily see having Scent, but if a human player suddenly picked it up I would ask him why? What makes your characters sense of smell that good?

I agree, that's why I have

I agree, that's why I have the prerequisites include "beastfolk".

If the consensus is that blindsight is too powerful an ability to provide through a feat, then we can just take it off the list, or provide a reworded version.

What I really wanted by including this ability was to provide a way for beastfolk to fight without sight. Basically, being able to target an opponent as effectively through scent as he/she could through sight. Blindsense doesn't do this, since it still gives opponents total concealment. Perhaps we could change the ability to do so, but if that sounds too powerful for a feat, then we can just erase blindsight, and get back to trying to brainstorm new beastfolk-specific feats.

I believe they have a feat

I believe they have a feat already for this called blindfight? Allows you to ignore concealment I believe? Actually had an idea for a blind monk that had the blindfight ability XD

No, that's not what

No, that's not what blindfight does.

It just allows you to reroll your miss chance one time.

So if you attack a creature with 50% concealment, and you miss from the concealment, you get one more roll to try to beat the concealment.

You still have a hefty chance to miss, around the range of 25% per attack versus a target with 50% concealment.

Ah I missed that little bit.

Ah I missed that little bit.

Blind Fight, Improved Blind Fight, Greater Blind Fight

There are already feats that do that. Take a look in the PRD under the Advanced Feats.

Blindsight would be better and quicker than taking this existing feat tree.

I do understand that it is for beastfolk, but maybe it should be limited to a certain sub-set of beastfolk?


Well, I don't know how, but I completely missed the advanced blindfight tree in the advanced players guide. Since there's a feat chain that already provides this effect, it would be bad form to create something that provided the same effect with less investment :P

I'll take blindsight off the list. I'll keep blindsense though, since it provides a slightly different ability.

The blindsense is a great feat

I really like the blindsense one. It is an interesting addition to scent, but not so awesome that everyone will take it. I do wish it was a bit higher in level to be honest though.