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DGA Achievement Feats

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 I was just reading the ol' PFSRD, and came across Achievement Feats.  Part of me thinks they are awesome, and part of me recognizes that they are basically MMO achievements adapted to Pathfinder, and therefore possibly get too far from one thing I like about Pathfinder - in part, that it isn't another damn MMO.

That being said, I was thinking about incorporating Achievement Feats into the modules that we're working on - the free intro, the Crypt of Dun'or, and the Library of Yemuria.  Characters who survive each of these modules might gain an Achievement Feat - so rather than just getting a Feat for dealing 1k damage or whatever (which is boring to track), they get a story-related Feat that is connected to the adventures they just had.

Or, maybe Achievement Feats are unlockable, so to speak, in the modules.  For example, if you avoid a number of combat encounters through cleverness and negotiation, you might get the Peacemaker Feat, granting a +2 bonus to social rolls with NPCs who are Unfriendly or Hostile toward you.  Or maybe if you obliterate the Witch Hunter in one round some how, you get the Feat Hunter's Bane, granting a +1 to hit and damage against Witch Hunters in general.  Another idea: if you end the module owing Rokinu no money and having made choices to support him and his plans, you get the Connected Feat, granting you a +1 reputation bonus to social skill rolls among criminals.

Anyway, now that I type it out, I like the idea, and the Achievement Feats could be like badges of honor, so to speak, which are a small extra encouragement to run through what we put out.

Has anyone seen modules set up like this?  Other ideas for Achievement Feats, or thoughts about them? This is on the verge of a Forum post, but since it's a specific mechanic, I though Stub might work better.


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I think they work well in the

I think they work well in the context of a module if they can be tied to story points in a campaign or a module. They could also be done as "boons" earned from or granted by NPCs. I can't find what the original source is for them though or how Achievement Feats are earned. "Boons" might be the better way to handle them unless they need to be taken as new feats are gained.

As far as the PFSRD is

As far as the PFSRD is concerned, Achievement Feats are earned by doing the same thing over and over again, and keeping track of each instance - killing X number of Gnolls, healing X hp, etc. A lot like an MMO, the difference being that doing this in tabletop would be freakishly boring, to me at least.

So far what I've had in mind is sort of a middle ground, and to have a couple options for Achievement Feats depending on how the PCs complete a module, as long as they are engaging with the story in some way.

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I like it

But I do not have any specific suggestions yet.

A little encouragement is all

A little encouragement is all I need :)

Adventurer Achievement Feats

These are the Feats you get for completing a published adventure. For example:

Totemic Hero: for completing the free intro adventure; +1 reputation bonus to social rolls with *either* Rokinu's men or Egalit Beastfolk

Hero of Dun'or: for completing the first published module; +1 reputation bonus in the region of Halag, +1 to hit and damage against Sascrian Witch Hunters

Librarian of Yemuria: +1 scholar bonus to 3 Knowledge Skills of the player's choice OR +1 scholar bonus to saves against traps

Cultural/Regional Achievement Feats

SoS gave me an idea - each nation or culture has at least one Achievement Feat that you earn when you prove yourself to be a hero on behalf of that group.

For killing Mar the Carver, for example, PCs would receive the Achievement Feat "Hero of Sascria", granting a +2 reputation bonus to social rolls within Sascria and a +2 reputation bonus to Knowledge: Arcana rolls to research within Sascria, since people are eager to help you out with that kind of thing.

Maybe the standard formula for an Achievement Feat of this type could be the +2 reputation bonus to social rolls and then a +2 named bonus of some kind to a Skill or two while in that region.