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Divine Magic

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Instead of divine magic coming directly from a deity or from nature, it is simply another style of magic. What makes it divine is that only those who are spiritual or religious are able to tap into its abilities. The gods and goddesses do not directly intervene on behalf of the prayers of the faithful. By being strong in faith and spirituality, a cleric is able to use her abilities.


This makes sense as the

This makes sense as the viewpoint of arcane magic users, who in the DGA setting seem to have always been the dominate types.

I like the objective view being that any kind of magic taps into supernatural forces in some way, and that there are two basic viewpoints.

The arcane viewpoint is that what differentiates magic of various types is the technique used. So they would view each school of arcane magic as a very refined school of techniques and lore, whereas different kinds of divine magic would be more like people stumbling upon magical power through sheer force or will.

For the divine magic-user, what is important is the source of magic. So for them they would see arcane spellcasters as arrogant dabblers, precocious children playing with things they do not understand, causing problems precisely because they do not take into account the real source of their supernatural power, as if magic was just another knowledge-skill like engineering or tailoring.

Given the DGA setting, I think that presenting everything from an arcane spellcaster point of view makes the most sense, and then we can have minority reports in the setting material from the divine folks who are always the far minority and are also less schooled than most arcane casters and are passionate rather than articulate some of the time.