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The Elemental Fury Prestige Class

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 Elemental Fury

The Elemental Fury binds his very essence with the elements themselves, allowing them to experience everything he does. In return, the elements grant certain abilities to the Elemental Fury. As the bond between the Elemental Fury and the elements grow, so do the abilities granted to him.
Hit Die: D12

Rage Class Ability

Barbarian 5th+ level

Rage Power: Elemental Rage, Lesser

Skills: Knowledge: Nature 5 ranks, Survival 5 ranks.

Class Skills
The Elemental Fury’s class skills are Acrobatics, Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge (nature), Perception, Ride, Survival, and Swim.

Skill Ranks Per Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Level Base







1 1




-          Rage Progression, Elemental Bond,  
2 2




- Rage Power: Elemental Rage
3 3




-          Hastened Bond 1/day
4 4




-          Elemental Powers (4th level)
5 5




- Bonus Rage Power
6 6/1




-          Hastened Bond 2/day
7 7/2




-          Elemental Powers (7th level)
8 8/3




- Rage Power: Elemental Rage, Greater
9 9/4




-          Hastened Bond 3/day
10 10/5




-          Elemental Powers(10th level), Elemental Unity

Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An Elemental Fury gains no proficiency with any weapon or armor.

Rage Progression: An Elemental Fury can rage for an additional two rounds at each level. Elemental Fury levels stack with levels in other classes that grant rage to determine minimum levels and effects for rage powers. Elemental Fury levels stack with Barbarian levels to determine when the following abilities are gained: Greater Rage, Tireless Rage, and Mighty Rage.

Elemental Bond: The Elemental Fury chooses one elemental power to represent his bond with the elements. Once he determines his favored element, this decision cannot be changed. Each elemental power has a number of powers associated with it. The Elemental Fury gains the ability to use the powers from all four of the elemental powers at the specified level. Each power has a specific cost in rounds of rage, and a specific duration. He is not restricted to any one elemental power. However, when using an ability from an elemental power other than his favored element, the rage cost is doubled.

Hastened Bond: Once per day, you may reduce the activation time of a elemental power ability by one step. Standard actions become move actions. Move actions become swift actions. Swift actions become free actions. This ability has no effect on free actions. This ability improves to two uses per day at 6th and three uses per day at 9th. This ability may be used multiple times to reduce the activation time of an elemental power ability. Example: The player wants to activate Earthen Skin, which is a standard action. One use of this ability reduces the activation to a move action. Two uses will reduce it to a swift action. Three uses will reduce it to a free action.

Elemental Unity: At 10th level, the Elemental Fury can choose one additional elemental power as a favored elemental power.

Earth Elemental Power
1st Level – Earthen Skin:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user a natural armor bonus to ac. The bonus scales with level, starting with +1 at first level, increasing to +2 at fourth level, and ending with +3 at eighth level.
Cost: two rounds of rage
Duration: Until end of rage
Activation: Standard Action

4th Level – Movement of the Earth:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user the earth glide(burrow 20ft) ability.
Cost: two rounds of rage
Duration: 1 round per level
Activation: Standard Action

7th Level – Earthen Heart:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user morale bonus to constitution. This ability stacks with the constitution bonus from rage. The bonus improves by +4 at 7th level, and by +6 at 10th level.
Cost: three rounds of rage
Duration:  Until end of rage
Activation: Standard Action

10th Level – Stone Essence:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user damage reduction of 5/-
Cost: four rounds of rage
Duration: until rage ends.
Activation: Free Action

Air Elemental Power
1st Level – Lighthearted:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user the ability to fly as per the fly spell.
Cost: two rounds of rage
Duration: 1 round/level
Activation: Standard Action

4th Level – Agility of Air:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants a morale bonus bonus to dexterity. The bonus is +2 at 4th level, +4 at 7th level, and +6 at 10th level. This bonus applies only when the user is wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor, and not carrying a heavy load.
Cost: three rounds of rage
Duration: Until end of rage
Activation: Standard Action

7th Level - Floating on the Wind:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user a bonus to speed. At 7th level, the bonus is +30 feet. At 10th level this bonus improves to +40 feet.
Cost: three rounds of rage
Duration: 1 round/level
Activation: Swift Action

10th Level – Whirlwind Damage:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability allows the user to add his dexterity bonus to damage in addition to his strength bonus on melee and ranged attacks. The additional damage from the dexterity bonus is not modified by weapon size. In addition, the user can make one whirlwind attack as per the feat per activation of this ability .

Cost: four rounds of rage
Duration: until rage ends.  
Activation: Free Action

Fire Elemental Power
1st Level – Burning Strength:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user a morale bonus to strength. This morale bonus stacks with the morale bonus from rage. The bonus is +2 at first level, +4 at 4th level, and +6 at 7th level.  
Cost: three rounds of rage
Duration: Until end of rage
Activation: Standard Action

4th Level - Fiery Attacks:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user the Burn(EX) ability. Whenever the user deals fire damage on a melee attack, the target of that damage must succeed on a reflex save or catch fire. The reflex save DC = 10+ 1/2 the combined barbarian and elemental fury levels + the elemental fury's strength modifier. The burn damage is 1d4 at 4th level, 1d6+1 at 7th level, and 1d8+2 at 10th level.
Cost: three rounds of rage
Duration: 1 round/level
Activation: Standard Action

7th Level - Inflamed Skin:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability wreaths the user in flames. Creatures attacking the user with melee weapons or natural attacks without reach take fire damage. At 7th level, the damage dealt is1d6+5 fire. At 10th level this damage improves to 2d6+5 fire damage.
Cost: three rounds of rage
Duration: 1 round/level
Activation: Swift Action

10th Level - Incendiary rage:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability allows the user to consume rounds of rage in an instant to deal greater damage. For every three rounds of rage expended, the user deals an additional 1d6 fire damage on his next melee attack. This damage stacks with the damage from Fiery Attacks and elemental rage. Once activated, the attack must be made before the end of the next turn or the effect is lost. This ability must be activated before the attack roll is made, and the rage investment is expended with no damage on a miss.
Cost: three rounds of rage, after which rage may be spent to increase damage.
Duration: Until the end of the next turn.
Activation: Free Action

Water Elemental Power
1st Level – Timeless Water:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants the user a bonus to wisdom of +2 at 1st level, +4 at 4th level, and +6 at 7th level.
Cost: three rounds of rage
Duration: Until end of rage
Activation: Standard Action

4th Level – Fluidic Form:  This ability can only be used when beginning a rage. This ability modifies the bonus hitpoints gained from the con increase while raging. These bonus hitpoints are now treated as temporary hitpoints, meaning they are lost first.
Cost: four rounds of rage
Duration: until end of rage
Activation: Swift Action

7th Level – Watery Reflections:  This ability can only be used while raging. This ability grants concealment, improving over time. At 7th level, this ability provides 20% concealment. At 10th level, this ability provides 50% concealment.
Cost: four rounds of rage
Duration: 1 round/level
Activation: Standard Action

10th Level - Crashing Water:  This ability can only be used while raging. When making a charge attack, the user may make a second attack using the same bonuses and modifiers against the same target as his original target. Abilities with activation costs or limited uses that were activated on the first attack must be paid for twice or they do not apply to the second attack.
Cost: five rounds of rage
Duration: Instantaneous
Activation: Free Action on charge





So forgive me if this was

So forgive me if this was answered in the long list of comments on this, but what exactly did we decide this scales with in terms of barbarian abilities?  You spell it out pretty clear that it stacks for the purposes of determining when you get the "greater rage and mighty rage", but what about rage powers?  In otherwords is an doElemental Fury levels count as barbarian levels for determining when you gain a new rage power (the standard rage powers I mean)? 

No, you don't gain rage

No, you don't gain rage powers every two levels like a barbarian does. Instead, you get access to the listed abilities for your chosen element instead, almost like a cleric domain. Once you pick up air, for example, you just have to get the appropriate number of elemental fury class levels to access the abilities.


Otherwise, the rage powers you get are as listed in the table. If you got rage powers like a barbarian on top of everything else, this prestige class would be horribly overpowered.

Note that you get elemental rage at level 2, an open rage power to pick at level 5, and elemental rage greater at level 8. Since this is only a 10 level prestige class, it's expected that you'll have 10 levels of barbarian in here somewhere if you're a purist.

I go to the word wall at

I go to the word wall at Kilkreath Ruins for "Elemental Fury" and the wall "calls" to me and the mist radiates from the word I'm supposed to learn but the word isn't lit up and I cannot learn it. Is this a glitch and is there any way to fix it? ~Marie J. Alexander, Tampa personal injury attorney

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This is really good for how quickly you've come up with it. Nice work!

You are missing how many skills they get each level.

With those pre-requisites, someone could take one level of barbarian and four levels of any other fast BAB class. I would consider moving Lesser Elemental Rage to a pre-requisite since that will bump the minimum number of barbarian levels to at least 2.

I think I know what you are going with for Rage Progression, but it's not clear as you have it written. I would recommend something like: "An Elemental Fury can rage 2 additional rounds at each level. Add levels of Elemental Fury to other classes that grant rounds of rage for minimum levels for rage powers." I would then just add Greater Rage, Tireless Rage, etc. to the level progression that will match the barbarian progression (so Elemental Fury level 6 for Greater Rage - minimum 5 levels of Barbarian).

I suggest combining the Elemental Totem text into the Elemental Power text because it will allow you to eliminate the totem language. "The Elemental Fury chooses one element as her preferred element..."

Earthen Skin - Make it a Natural Armor bonus. Amulet of Natural Armor and spells like Barkskin offer an enhancement bonus to natural armor bonus, and so there shouldn't be any stacking issues.

Earth Glide - It comes with a burrow speed, so I would either make it a flat burrow speed or a slow burrow speed plus earth glide.

Earthen Heart - "Increases the morale bonus to raging by +4...+6"

Lighthearted - Looks good

Agility of Air - Keep it consistent with the rage bonus, ie. morale.

Floating on the Wind - Use similar language to Fast Movement.

Whirlwind - I think it's fine, but I wonder if you might make it allow the Elemental Fury to take a move action followed by a Whirlwind attack as per the Whirlwind feat. Maybe even grant the Elemental Fury reach for that attack?

Burning Strength - adds to morale bonus while raging

Fiery Attacks - compares to Elemental Rage powers, so maybe make it the 7th level version but that the attacks actually sets opponents on fire. As a 7th level power, the Elemental Rage power will be improved.

Inflamed Skin - That is a LOT of damage. What about an AoE attack like the Oracle's Heat Aura?

Incendiary Rage - I like the nuclear option. ;) This is potentially around 30d6 of damage without a save at 15th level for a barbarian with decent Con plus Con gear. It's only to one target, so it's almost like an auto-kill on anything with 105 hp or less (and no fire resistance). That's almost half the hit points of a few CR15 monsters which makes me feel like it's a bit much. Sure, the barbarian is out of rage at that point, but the enemy is in serious trouble. If you want to keep it close to what you have now, I would make it explicit that the power is used and the number of rounds is announced BEFORE the attack roll.

Timeless Water - Why would a barbarian want this? Maybe make it usable outside of rage so that they can potentially use it on Perception and Survival rolls?

Watery Reflections - What about a Mirror Image like effect? One of the Cleric sub-domains grants something like it. 35% concealment is inconsistent with the standard 20% and 50%.

Fluidic Movement - I like it.

Crashing Water - I like it, too, but compare it to Incendiary Rage in terms of how much damage can be done.

Ok, from the top -- Added

Ok, from the top --

Added skillpoints, and set a blanket number of barbarian levels. Added lesser elemental prereq.

Tweaked the table around a bit

Changed some durations from 1min/level to until end of rage.

Reworded Elemental Bond, removed elemental powers ability

Changed earthen skin to natural armor bonus

Added burrow 20 to earth glide

Changed the wording on earthen heart to clarify that it is a morale bonus that stacks with the bonus from rage. I didn't change it to an ability that modifies the rage bonus because some of the similar abilities improve scores that rage doesn't touch, and so I felt it would be cleaner to keep the wording the same between them.

Agility of air brought to the same context

Added limitations to Floating on the Wind

The actual whirlwind ability provided by air elementals is horribly broken, and not something that should EVER be used in a game :p Because of its wording, the whirlwind can pass through the same square multiple times, causing massive amounts of energy by picking up and ejecting the victim... all in one round.

Burning strength brought to the same context.

Fiery Attacks - revamped significantly, since it was becoming a headache :p I revamped it to grant the burn ability on attacks made by the barbarian that already dealt fire damage. The elemental rage feats makes that an easy one :p

Inflamed Skin - revamped damage, making more of it variable, and reduced the maximum damage that could be dealt

Incendiary rage - adjusted the rage cost upwards, reducing the total nova effect. Clarified that the ability must be declared, and rage spent, before the attack roll is made.

Timeless water is a wisdom bonus, which means will saves. Something where most melee characters, barbarians included, are weak.

I was a bit torn over the 35% concealment, but I didn't feel too bad since it can be represented on a d20. A mirror image effect? Hmm... mirror image is generally much better than 50% concealment, up until the last image is destroyed... I don't know, I think it's almost too good up front and too bad on the tail end... What are your thoughts?

I did have an idea for a possible replacement ability for water. Basically "Choose one rage power you meet the requirements for. You may use this rage power as though you possessed it until the end of your rage. Limitations on usage per rage or per day still apply."

Crashing water actually has the potential to deal some really significant damage on a charge build. On a non-charge build, you're still going from dealing 1d8+12(str)+1d6(elemental) to twice that. Also, because it's a second attack, it can be used to make a combat maneuver.

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More feedback

Do you also want to make the element for Elemental Rage match the Elemental Bond element? The elemental sorcerer has damage types for each element.

On Whirlwind, I meant the Feat, not the Air Elemental ability.

Timeless Water - Missing a bonus type. ;)

Re: Mirror Image - It's a good point on diminishing returns, but it is still really good. It's much better than concealment when you've got an image, but if you're getting attacked a lot those images are going away quickly. For a melee character, they are likely to be going away quickly. I think I'm back with you - go with concealment but keep it to 20% and 50% for consistency. If you wanted to, you could have advancement like 20%, 50%, and incorporeal. Although incorporeal may be too powerful.

I do like the adaptability power, but there might be too much complexity to figure out the right mechanics to make it work.

Makes sense on Crashing Water.

Looking very good! Mac already asked me about retraining his levels to all barbarian, so you've got him sold. ;)

After a bit of thought...

Well, from what I can tell, the elemental rage power isn't a set type. Each time you activate it, you can declare a new energy type, so the only way we could set it as a type would be to modify the elemental rage powers to only work with the chosen elemental type. That being the case, I think it's better just to leave that out, rather than reduce the usefulness of other abilities.

Whirlwind *blank stare* lol. Whirlwind is nice, but it's also a five feat investment normally, so I'm a bit hesitant to to give a better version of it in a PrC without any of the requirements. Dodge, mobility, spring attack, combat expertise, and then the whirlwind attack feat itself. That's a pretty hefty requirement to bypass.

What I could do is switch watery reflections and fluidic form so that watery reflections hit 7th and 10th, and assign those 20% and 50%

I'm glad that all this work will end up being useful :P It's much easier to come up with something from a seed.

You may want to consider

You may want to consider changing the DC on Fiery Attacks to STR rather than CON, considering the fire elemental path is based around strength its makes more sense.

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Good catch on Elemental Rage,

Good catch on Elemental Rage, my mistake.

Whirlwind the feat is of marginal use because you have to hope a bunch of enemies surround you. Cleave and Greater Cleave are better investments typically. For the cost of four rounds of rage, I'd do what I suggested as 5 Barb/10 EF. :)

The Water switch makes sense.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll spend time on the weekend looking at your other stuff, too.

Rage Scaling?

So regarding the scaling with rage, does this simply scale for the purpose of gaining rage points or do you actually gain the greater rage, mighty rage, tireless rage at the later levels like a normal barbarian does?

In otherwords if I was a 10 barbarian/10 elemental fury would I have rage, greater rage, mighty rage and tireless rage?

Well, the scaling ability as

Well, the scaling ability as worded is as follows: Rage Progression: Elemental Fury levels stack with Barbarian levels for Rage, Greater Rage, Tireless Rage, Mighty Rage, and the Rage Powers Elemental Rage Lesser, Elemental Rage, and Elemental Rage Greater."

The idea is that it stacks for rage, rage duration, and the levels required to gain greater rage, mighty rage, and tireless rage, as well as stacking for the elemental rage feat chain. I could tweak the wording a bit if you think it isn't clear as is.

I would simply reword it to

I would simply reword it to say that it stacks with barbarian levels for the purpose of rage, and then include those abilities in the level chart.

The problem is that if I can get into this class by level 6 it means I can actually get some of these abilities sooner than I would if I stayed pure barbarian. So you either need to set a minimum requirement of barbarian levels in order to get those abilities or maybe add in your own abilities that do similar things.

This should be done more for some abilities over others, tireless rage for instance I always thought was one of those abilities the barbarian should get closer to mid level rather than having it as a near capstone ability.

You shouldn't get Mighty Rage

That is the core barbarians special gift for being a pure barbarian. You should only get that power by being a pure barbarian.

So basically they only stack

So basically they only stack with barbarian levels for rage, but if you specifically want say mighty rage you have to take a level a barbarian on that level to actually obtain it? This is reminding me a lot of the bloodlines in 3.5 where you had to take a level of bloodline at a specific level or miss out on the bonuses the level provides.

No, you have to stay in Barbarian - no PRC allowed

The point of the uber abilities is to entice folks to stay in the core class from level 1-20 - without multiclassing or prestiging. The PRC may stack for abilities that improve with levels, but it means you can never obtain the highest level abilities.

I simply meant that the

I simply meant that the wording is confusing, there is absolutely no reason to include those abilities in the wording since they don't scale.

It should simply read: "Levels of Elemental Fury stack with levels of Barbarian for the purposes of Rage". Meaning that for anything that rage scales with, which from what I understand is strictly Rage Rounds, that is the only thing the player is getting.

As it stands now it makes it sound like the Elemental Fury is getting access to those additional rage abilities even though it isn't.

I'm confused about pre-req

You need Rage Power: Elemental Rage, Lesser as a pre-req and you get it at 2nd level? Is the idea that you are going to take a different element?

Nah, it creeped up in there

Nah, it creeped up in there from one of mike's comments. I just forgot to take it off as a prereq. when I granted it through levels...

Basic Premise

So the idea behind this prestige class is a Barbarian that bonds with the elemental forces, who then willingly give him type-appropriate abilities. The big difficulty here is in drawing the class back enough. Unlike most other Barbarian classes, this one uses up rage at a potentially prodigious rate. It is in the balancing phase, so feel free to make suggestions to adjust the balance.

Nice start

I think the powers should be worked around a bit, I always kind of imagined each element to represent a certain concept.

earth = strong and unbreakable
wind = freedom and mobility
fire = raw power that consumes all
water = provides life and sustenance

I like what you did with the ability boosts, earth = con, fire = str, etc. I think the earth tree is pretty much set as you focused it on beefing up the player. I think the Speed of Flame ability should be part of the wind tree as that pretty much embodies the element at least in my eyes. The other abilities in the fire tree I feel are kind weak as you get the same thing from your elemental rage power which costs nothing to activate and gives you bonus elemental damage of your choice. I think it would be awesome to do something like:
"Towering Inferno: The Furies rage reaches a boiling point and engulfs him in flame. All adjacent enemies take 1d6 fire damage, with an additional 1d6 for each rage point spent beyond the first up to a max of 3d6. Action = Standard, cost = 3 Rage Points"
Its a capstone ability so it should be pretty good, but this is my first time throwing out ideas for a PrC so correct me if this sound too powerful.

The water tree is one that I feel really needs the most work though, I like the wisdom bonus and the concealment (although you could do that with wind as well). Since water is basically seen as the essence of life you might want to consider throwing in some healing abilities, something like this maybe:
"Soothing Current: Healing waves wash over the Fury, soothing pain and rejuvenating injuries. The Fury is healed for 1d8 points of damage, this increases to 2d8 at 6th and 3d8 at 9th. Because of the calming nature of this effect the Furies state of mind is temporary calmed, this action cannot be reduced using the Hastened Bond ability. Action = Standard, cost = 2 Rage Points"
I dont really see this being a game breaker as it never gets higher than 3d8 (cure serious) but lacks any of the bonuses potions or actual healers get, that and it basically prevents the Fury from attacking as the cost cant be reduced.

You could also put in something to combat status effects, give them an ability that lets them re-roll a save against an effect like poison, disease, etc. and give like a +2, +3, +4 scaling bonus.

These are just some ideas I am throwing out since it seems like the elemental powers should reflect the elements nature, obviously that is up for debate, the examples I gave above are just what I always thought of the elements as.

Mmm... I'm trying to keep it

Mmm... I'm trying to keep it from stepping on the toes of other classes too much. Originally I considered an explosive aoe power that improved with the amount of rage you pumped into it, but opted to go with the single target version to keep from embarrassing the blasters in the party. As far as healing goes... I dunno, straight out healing makes my skin itch in a barbarian PrC.

There's a monk feat called Deny Death that allows a monk to burn ki points when unconscious to heal for 1d6 damage. I might mirror an ability based off that. I just can't see giving the barb straight out healing powers though :/


Oh, I also made a note that the bonus fire damage from the elemental powers stacks with the bonus fire damage from the elemental rage feats.

---Edit two---

Moved speed of flame to air, replacing the 7th level dodge ability. Replaced it in fire with a personal fire shield. Looking at water now. I don't know though, it seems pretty strong to me. Wisdom shores up the weak barbarian save, concealment is awesome, waterbreathing and a swim speed makes underwater combat much easier and more survivable *granted, it's the worst power in the set*, and crashing water allows twice as many attacks on a charge attack. That makes charges pretty darn awesome :/ In fact, crashing water would be flat out broken if you didn't have to pay for activated abilities both times.

While I get the whole

While I get the whole "healing from a barbarian?" thing, they do actually have built in rage powers that let the barbarian heal, granted they are like once per rage thing but still. I never would consider an ability like that to be a replacement to a healer or healing items, the idea would be more along the lines of shrugging off a small amount of pain to keep going, even if it is technically healing.

What about something that would grant temporary hit points? That way you don't have the healing aspect but in a sense its giving the barbarian more HP to keep going?

The only thing I dislike about the underwater stuff is this basically feels like what they did with some of the normal barbarian rage powers like "raging swimmer" or "raging climber". It just feels like an ability that got thrown in there because they couldn't think of anything else.

I am loving everything else though, certainly looking forward to trying this out if we can come up with a final version.

*edit* I dont know if they still have the pounce ability for PCs in Pathfinder but you may want to reword the "crashing water" ability as that will get seriously broken if a PC ever gets pounce.

Well, let's leave those built

Well, let's leave those built in rage powers do the healing. I'm trying to keep away from the *once per rage* thing since that's been done to death, and something like 3d8 healing for 4 rage rounds would be something like 40d8 healing in total at level 20. The barbarian is already getting more hp from the con power, and the dr power effectively increases that as well... I'll put some thought into it...

I tried to add in useful movement types, like flight, earth glide, and a swim speed. Granted, I can take the swim speed out. Since I removed speed of flame, they don't all have a movement ability anymore, so cutting it down to two shouldn't hurt too much.

There, I traded out the water

There, I traded out the water movement ability with Fluidic Form, which changes the hitpoints granted through rage into temporary hitpoints. Thus, they are lost first, and the barbarian doesn't die coming out of rage.

Gonna do some formatting stuff with it now.

Wait are you saying any of

Wait are you saying any of these abilities can use up as many rage points as we want? I was under the impression they are a set number unless otherwise stated. That prevents people from healing for retarded amounts or dishing out equally retarded damage in a single hit, granted barbarians already do that but still.

I think the water breathing is great, but if anyone typically goes into the water they most likely have bigger problems then worrying about their swim speed.

It depends on the power. For

It depends on the power. For example, Earthen Skin costs 2 rounds of rage to activate and it lasts for a minute/level. You could keep reactivating it over and over again, but one use would be plenty for most combats.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have incendiary rage. To use incendiary rage, you *pay* two rounds of rage. Then, for every two rounds of rage you spend, you get an additional 1d6 fire damage. So, if you had 22 rounds of rage left, you could spend two to activate the ability, then burn your remaining 20 rounds of rage for an additional 10d6 on your next attack. The idea is based off a feat for paladins that let them do the same basic thing, expending uses of lay on hands. And it's not that bad, considering the tradeoff the barbarian has to pay to use it.

More middle-of-the-road would be something like light hearted, where you might want to activate it more than once in a combat, since fly for 1round/level might not last long enough to get the job done.

If I'm understanding what you meant.

The abilities granted here aren't limited to one use only a day. As long as you can pay the rage requirement, you can keep using them until you run dry.

No I understood the part of

No I understood the part of them not being daily powers, I just thought you meant you could pile on rage points all at once for any ability to beef it up.

Personally as long as put a cap on the number of uses of an ability there shouldn't be a problem with balance. Incendiary rage is basically what power attack use to be in 3.5 so its kind of taking the barbarian back to his roots of winding up that really devastating blow, but since most of the abilities are standard actions, it doesn't matter if you can use them every turn, a lot can happen in a single round.

Over all I like it so far, hope mike will let me jump into it.

Yeah, the major balancing

Yeah, the major balancing factors are that you are still limited with what you can do in a round. You have a ton of cool abilities, but if you want to activate your strength bonus, con bonus, dex bonus, and wisdom bonus, you're going to be at best three rounds into combat. Unless you know it's coming anyhow. And if you KNOW it's coming, then it'll be tough enough to need all those bonuses.

Also, using a limited resource, rounds of rage, provides the other major limiting factor to the PrC. You can super nova in one round if you want, but then for the rest of the combat you're a fighter with fewer feats :p All in all, I think it came out pretty well balanced, with enough damage abilities to make it competitive, but with enough situational abilities to make it more flexible and interesting.

So what exactly are the

So what exactly are the modifiers for Fluidic Form?

Hastened Bond comment

Hastened Bond: Once per day, you may reduce the activation time of a elemental power ability by one step. Standard actions become swift actions. Swift actions become free actions. This ability has no effect on free actions. This ability improves to two uses per day at 6th and three uses per day at 9th.

I would suggest it go from standard to move, instead of standard to swift.

Maybe consider going from 'free' to 'reactionary' or 'immediate?'

What about using multiple uses to further move an single action down the tree?