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Gondalian Beast-Folk Special Qualities

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Best Friends: Houndings gain a +2 racial bonus to Sense Motive checks and Humans gain a +2 racial bonus to Sense Motive when dealing with Houndings. Houndings also gain a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy, Gather Information and Perform.

Bestial Nature: Due to animalistic connections, you can speak with associated creature types. See individual entries for specifics.

Bonus to Craft: Drones receive +2 to Craft: Alchemy and all of their Alchemical bombs (including alchemist fire/cold/etc.), extracts and mutagens have +1 to numerical effects or their duration multiplied by 1.5 - chosen at creation.

Bookish: Testudo receive one free Knowledge as a class skill at character creation, regardless of class.  If all Knowledges are already class skills, then the Testudo receives a +2 to a Knowledge of her choice.

Carapace and Plastron: +1 Natural Armor.  Testudo can wear armor, but it has to be custom-made and is bulkier than normal armor, and their nonmagical armor costs 150% of normal and weighs 150% of normal.  When a Testudo is attacked by an opponent who is flanking her, her carapace grants DR 2/- against the attack.  At the DM's discretion, this DR can be applied to area attacks which hit the Testudo when she has fallen prone, hiding under her carapace (a move action to duck-and-cover before the attack goes off).

Charge!: During a charge, you receive a +1 to your attack roll and an additional +1 to your CMB when attempting a bull rush at the end of the charge, for a total of +3 to her attack and +3 to her CMB for the purpose of bull rushing.

Darkvision: Ophidians can see 60' out even in total, nonmagical darkness,.

Failed Experiment: Pantheria, rather than being susceptible to mind-controlling magic, turned out to be resistant to it, and because of this were able to gather their strength and win their freedom in a bloody rebellion.  Pantheria have a +2 save bonus to all [Mind-affecting] spells.

Flexible: Galidines receive a racial +2 bonus to Escape Artist due to their incredible flexibility

Hatred: Ophidians and Galidines have an acute hatred for each other, and will almost never agree to work together.

Hibernation: In cold weather, Ursidians become sluggish and sleepy, and must sleep at least 10 hours per night, and are most comfortable with at least 12 hours.

High Strung: Galidines get one extra attack of opportunity per round - 2 without the Combat Reflexes Feat or their Dexterity bonus +1 with the Feat.  They also receive a +2 racial bonus to Initiative.

Hive Mentality: Though the Small swarm is composed of, on average, four Tiny individual creatures, they cannot accomplish anything complex individually - nothing more complex than scouting ahead or gathering tiny objects.

Honest to a Fault: Galidines receive a -2 to Bluff and Intimidation and a +2 to Perception and Sense Motive checks.  Galidines receive a -2 penalty to saves against [mind-affecting] spells because of their credulity

Hulking Frame: Ursidians receive a +1 to both CMD and CMB due to their large size and powerful build - they are hard to disarm, grapple with, or knock down.  Ursians also deal +1 damage with two-handed melee weapons.

Just Joking: Selkies enjoy jokes, pranks, puns and the like, and it is often very hard to tell whether they are kidding or not.  Still, it makes them likeable, at last in small doses.  Selkies receive a +2 racial bonus to both Bluff and Diplomacy

Keen Senses: +2 racial bonus on all Perception skill checks.

Lowlight Vision: You can see twice as far as humans in dim light. Special: Selkies retain this bonus underwater.

Natural Swimmers: Selkies have a swim speed of 20 and are extremely maneuverable underwater.  They can hold their breath and remain highly active for 5 times longer than a Human.

Night Eyed: Pantheria have low-light vision vision.

Pack Mentality: When a Lupine is flanking a target, he gets a +1 to his Combat Maneuver Bonus against that target.  When two or more Lupines are flanking their opponent, this bonus increases to +2.  Lupines do  not question orders from superiors they fear and respect, and as a result of this tendency to obey are at a -2 to save against [Mind-Affecting] spells, regardless of school.

Pheromone Communication: Buzzkin can communicate with each other silently as long as they are no more than 10' apart via pheromones. This is the equivalent of telepathic communication, and occurs at the same approximate rate as speech.

Piercing Howl: Lupines can attempt to demoralize multiple opponents as a standard action.  This skill use becomes more powerful the more Lupines are present and taking part in the Howl.  Once per day, a Lupine can Howl, and the How allows her to make an Intimidate check attempting to demoralize every opponent within earshot.  If the attempt fails, all targets who are not demoralized are immune to future attempts for 24 hours and possibly longer at the DM's discretion.

Poison Mastery: When working with mundane and magical poisons, Ophidians do not risk poisoning themselves. They also receive a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves against mundane and magical poison.

Poison: Venomous Fangs: Ophidians have a bite attack at -5 (their bite counts as a light weapon for Weapon Finesse). It only deals 1 damage, but if their bite deals damage, the Ophidian can choose to inject her opponent with venom. Ophidian venom is similar to any viper venom. The Fortitude save DC is equal to 10 +1/2 the Ophidian's character level + her Con bonus, and the venom deals initial and secondary damage of 1d4 Constitution. Ophidians can only use their venom at most once per day, and their venom cannot be saved and applied to weapons. (The save DC is much higher than that for viper venom in the SRD intentionally - the Con damage is reduced to 1d4 because attribute damage is more powerful in PF)

Primitive: Pantheria do not trust things they associate with Humans, including some simple technologies.  Pantheria cannot use Crossbows and do not wear metal armor, though they do make use of metal weapons.  Pantheria also begin play illiterate - in order to become literate, a Pantheria must spend a skill rank.

Red in Tooth and Claw: Pantheria have two claw attacks and a bit attack which can be used as part of a full attack.  Each claw deals 1d4 damage, as does their bite attack, and all are made at a -5 to their base attack bonus.  Pantheria claws give them a +2 bonus to Climb checks.

Resistant to Change: Testudo receive a +2 to all Will saves.  They are very hard to convince or sway by any means.

Scamper: A Muroidean receives a +2 bonus to Climb and Stealth checks.  Muroideans also take a -2 penalty to saves against fear effects - they are naturally prone to flee danger and err on the side of living to fight another day.

Scent: As per Pathfinder Scent.

Sharp Eyes: All Egalit share incredible long-distance eyesight.  On a clear day, an Egalit can see detail over a mile away.  This does not mean that Egalit are better at sensing ambushes nearby; it only means that when an Egalit focuses on a distant object, she can see detail long before a Human could even see the object.

Sharp Senses: Houndings receive a +2 to all Perception checks

Shinies: +2 racial bonus on appraise checks for any object with metal or gems.

Shining Eyes: Muroideans have low-light vision.

Slow Breath: Testudo receive a +2 racial bonus to Concentration, and they can hold their breath 5 times longer than a human with the same Constitution score.

Sluggish: A Testudo's base movement speed is 20.  Testudo in heavy armor just don't get around.

Small Humanoid Swarm Traits: Standard Swarm Traits.

Solitary: Ursidians are not particularly social, and take a -2 penalty to social rolls made in large groups, especially in the case of public speaking.  One-on-one or among a few allies, this penalty does not apply.

Talons: While egalit have human-like hands, their fingers end in powerful talons that are useful for grasping and holding opponents. They receive a +2 racial bonus to CMB and CMD for grapples.  They also receive a +2 racial bonus to Climb checks.

Taste for Blood: Because they eat only meat, Lupines' meals and cost of living are twice what they would normally be.  The extra cost is ameliorated somewhat by the fact that the meat does not need to be cooked.

Taunting: Selkies can turn their playful cleverness into some serious trash-talking.  At level 1, every Selkie is able to make a Feint against a single opponent as a move action instead of a full action.

To the Death: The ferocity of Boriworgs enables them to fight until they are dead. They may continue to take a move or a partial action each round when they fall below 0 hit points. They do not bleed when below 0 hit points and are always conscious.

Tremorsense: Ophidians can sense vibrations due to movement within a range of 20' even in magical darkness, but do not have a wide range of hearing otherwise, suffering a -2 penalty to Perception checks when listening.

Vengeance: Pantheria gain a +1 attack bonus against all Human arcane spellcasters.

Vermin: Muroideans receive a +1 to saves against all types of disease, including magical.

Versatile: Muroideans are automatically proficient with improvised weapons, as per the Feat.

Voracious: A Muroidean can eat anything that is even remotely edible.  Because of this, the cost of their meals and standard of living is 50% of normal.  Muroideans also receive the Scent ability, and rely on their keen noses in complete darkness.

Vulnerable to Cold: The temperature at which buzzkin must make Survival rolls to avoid damage from cold weather is 20 degrees higher than for other (mammalian) races.  Cold attacks deal 150% damage to Buzzkin.

Wings: Fly speed of 30' with perfect maneuverability (ability to hover, etc.)

Winterbred: Damage reduction 5 vs cold.

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Wow, this is awesome, and

Wow, this is awesome, and clearly took a lot of time and work. Thank you! Very helpful. I'll update it to show the change from Hatred to Vengeance for Pantheria, and I'll also alter the Charge! trait to show the fix in the math there. Again, thanks.