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This list will likely grow over time.

Common (Sascrian)

Since Sascrian influence extended throughout much of the world before the Collapse, their language became the Common of this world.

Sylvan (Beastfolk common)

This language uses many different animal-sounded noises, and it was developed over the centuries by the Beastfolk to be able to communicate to each other secretly. However, by this point in time, it is not a secret to those learned in linguistic studies.


This is the language of the people of Ferron.


This is the language of the people of Venna.


While many tribes of the Sarkan Tribelands have their own dialects, there is a base form of the language that is common among them.


This language seems to be a descendant of both Celestial and Infernal. It is the dominant language of the inhabitants of the Whale Islands.


Combining the magical arts with the knowledge of nature, this language combines elements of the elemental languages with Sylvan.

Outsider languages

The outsider languages of Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Ignan, Aquan, Auran, and Terran. These languages are spoken by the appropriate creatures.



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Language Families

Which languages are related to each other? Related languages should give a bonus to communicating with people who do not directly share a language.

Is there a distinct Sascrian 'dialect' of Common?

Looks good, though Daimonish

Looks good, though Daimonish doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Daimonian? Or something that doesn't hint at the linguistic origin, like Sea Cant, or Windspeak - a common language among sailors on that side of the continent?

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How does Squalish sound?

How does Squalish sound?

I like it - quirky, implies

I like it - quirky, implies both storms and yelling.  Works for me.