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Magic before the Collapse

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Magic before the Collapse was much more prevelant and powerful than it is now. It was not simply the baseline magic system and power level as found in Pathfinder. Magic was even more potent than the baseline Pathfinder. Here are some examples to try to give some idea of just how powerful it was:

  • Any spell that was cast was boosted by Extended (double duration), Empowered (double numerical effects), and Enlarged (double range) as per the metamagic feats automatically.
  • Metamagic rods for Maximize (variable effects are maximized) and Persistent (targets must save twice) were very common.
  • Every member of a heavily arcanized society had at a minimum magical ability equivalent to two levels of Sorcerer (Arcane) as well as several minor magic items. A household possessed things like flying carpets as commonly as Americans own cars.
  • Permanency costs were reduced to 1% of their normal costs.
  • Magic item costs were 1% of what they are normally.
  • Everyone personally knew a wizard or sorcerer capable of casting at least 4th level spells.
  • There were spell levels that went above 9.

The atmosphere of a community was obviously very different because of these things. When walking down the street in even a moderately arcanized society, an individual would be likely to see several golems, magical servants, and animated objects doing work without an operator. There would be magical beasts like griffons and hippogriffs carrying individuals and supplies throughout town. In the most heavily arcanized places, regularly placed teleportation circles would allow almost instant travel throughout a city. The Sascrian Highway System is another example of this level of magic.


As I said in chat, I think

As I said in chat, I think this is good to have, and I think we should have something like this in what we publish, helping players and DMs imagine and describe what it is like to live in the ruins of the Collapse.

Man and I thought magic was

Man and I thought magic was overpowered before XD