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Racial Trait - Beastfolk Ally (Human)

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You have gained a reputation as being friendly and protective of beastfolk, perhaps even championing their cause for equal treatment as humans.

Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus to Diplomacy checks when dealing with Beastfolk.


Maybe Diplomacy and Knowledge

Maybe Diplomacy and Knowledge (local)? The Bluff bonus seems like something that if you used it too often, you'd use it. What application were you thinking of?

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True, maybe just Diplomacy of

True, maybe just Diplomacy of +2 would work? I think the Bluff angle only works for a bit.

I think it depends on what

I think it depends on what the racial trait is intended to replace. If it is replacing the extra skill point per level, I think it has to be a bonus to two skills in order to be balanced.