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Transmutation Spell: Curse of Atavism

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Had a lightbulb moment for a spell that causes a beastfolk to revert to his baser instincts - gets Int, Wis, Cha of base creature, cannot use equipment.

Lesser Curse of Atavism: Level 1 Sorcerer/Wizard spell, Level 2 Druid spell, short range.  For 1 round a member of any beastfolk species who is the victim of this curse reverts to the mental attributes of their associated animal.  This transformation reduces his Intelligence sufficiently that he cannot understand language or use equipment more complicated than a club.

Curse of Atavism: Level 3 Sorcerer/Wizard spell, Level 4 Druid spell, short range.  For 1 round plus 1 round per caster level, a beastfolk target suffers the Curse of Atavism as described above.

Greater Curse of Atavism: Level 6 Sorcerer/Wizard spell, Level 7 Druid spell, short range.  The beastfolk target of this spell is permanently under the effect of the Curse of Atavism.  Only a spell like Remove Curse can reverse the effects.



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In three flavors?

My suggestions: A lesser version that does it for 1 round, designed as a punishment for minor infractions (short range, 2nd level). The standard version with a 1 round + 1 round per level duration (short range, 4th level?). And the greater version, for publicly punishing major beastfolk criminals, which is permanent (touch, 7th level?).

Yup, and a new name

I like the 3 flavors method for this spell, definitely. I'd also like to see a different name for it. Curse of Atavism? Baleful Regression? Bestial Reversion just seems clunky to me.

For the 1 round version, I'd make it 1st level - incapacitating you for one round is a 1st level spell kind of thing in my view. The 1 round plus 1 round per level could be 3rd level - there are plenty of spells that do a similar thing (take you out for a few rounds) at that point, like Hold Person (the arcane version). For the greater version, I think 6th is a good target - it's permanent, and that's bad freaking news, on par with Flesh to Stone, which is medium range. That seems comparable to me.

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I like the direction this has

I like the direction this has taken. I think an encounter or two in the Con on the Cob games will have to add this spell added. ;)

I like this idea - a pretty

I like this idea - a pretty powerful Transmutation spell, since it is a hell of a debuff (like Touch of Idiocy but significantly worse), but a very scary prospect for beastfolk who rise up against their magocrat masters.