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Sascria - The dominant magocracy before the Collapse, Sascria suffered the greatest turmoil at the point of Collapse. While their world-wide network of operatives now takes on more sinister purposes, many members of the Schools of Magic that survived have taken to isolating themselves as much as possible.

Map of Gondal

The Whale Islands - Legend says that the ancestors of the Whale Islands intermingled with devils and angels. Divine magic made its first appearance here after the Collapse and has slowly expanded to all of Gondal in the last year.

The Sarkan Tribelands - While not a nation, the tribes of the Sarkan people dominate the steppes of this area. With little magic available to them before the Collapse, the Sarkan tribes have been the least impacted by the Collapse with the exception of magical beasts and Beastfolk that have escaped their former masters.

Free Tesaya - The western hinterland of Tesaya is a no man’s land, where small warlords - humans and Beastfolk alike - and the occasional Sascrian war band rule the land, which has heavily devastated by the scorched earth tactics of both Tesayan rebels and the Thurian army.

Bifetra - The small island nation of Bifetra has become a refuge for Beastfolk of all types. During the rule of the magocracies, Bifetra was the center of experimentation in the magical and biological creation of magical beasts and many Beastfolk races.The island is divided amongst tribes of Beastfolk.