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The Company

My name is Mike Bohlmann, and I am building a core team of three to five people to run the company that enables the environment for the untapped creative minds of the Swarm to produce something new. While the first project for the Swarm will be to create a role-playing game setting, I hope to learn enough from the Swarm and this development model that the Swarm could get involved in other creative endeavors, most likely still in the gaming field. As a member of the core team, you would be both microinvestor and part of the company.

So what kinds of people would I like to be a part of the company's core team? First, each member of the core must have the ability to dream and to determine what it will take to achieve that dream. Second, I want people who have a skillset that fills a needed role in the company and are willing to offer those skills to the company for its benefit with pride and enjoyment as potentially the only returns. Finally, members of the corporate team will need to be able to contribute $50 to $500 to get the company off the ground. While I believe that there will be financial benefits for the company, most of the financial returns will go to the members of the Swarm as it is their work that creates the most visible value.

If you're interested in one of these roles or otherwise wanting to get involved in the company side, please contact me to discuss this opportunity.

Financial Return

My current thinking is that revenue generated from contributions by the Swarm will be split 60% to the contributors involved and 40% to the company. Items in that space would include things like books and licensing of contributions, but there are other possibilities that may come as well. Other revenue that does not come directly from Swarm contributions will go 100% to the company. The company's share will be used for multiple purposes including operating costs, other business expenses, and dividends to investors. If we are able to cover those costs and get a return to the investors, I also want a portion of the company's share to be used for Swarm rewards in the form of contests, bounties, or other ideas we might have that will encourage participation.


One or two Drupal developers / PHP programmers

The site is built on Drupal, a PHP-based content management system. I have been using Drupal to build sites for the last three years, and I programmed PHP as a web developer for a few years before that. However, I am no expert, and I would like to have additional technical skills on the team for the programming work needed to make the site successful.

One graphic designer

While I believe it is possible for the company to get going without a graphic designer on the core team, it would be beneficial to have a graphic design who is capable of contributing. The graphic design work might involve working on the site's Drupal theme, graphical elements for the site, and graphics for merchandising like t-shirts, hats, and more.