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Help - Creating Content


While the Create page explains the different pieces of content that you can contribute, there are a couple things that are worth noting.


There are four statuses - stub, draft, final and locked. If you know a new node is needed for something in the setting, you don't have to write the whole thing or make it complete right away.

  • Stub - The content is just a placeholder and lacks a great deal of the content that is needed.
  • Draft - A significant portion of the content is written, but it could use more or perhaps some editing.
  • Final - This means that it is "done" for all intents and purposes. This is likely the last status for most content.
  • Locked - When a node is locked, it can no longer be edited except by line developers and admins.


You can use relationships to link one piece of content to another. For example, you might want to link the king of a country to that country. You use the relationship field to create that link. You can just type the name of the content you want to link in the box, or you can click on the "Search and reference" button to search for the content you want to link. Soon you will also be able to specify what type of relationship exists between the two items. Instead of just linking the king and his country, you will be able to specify that the king is the "ruler" of the country.