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Product: Beastfolk Races

Product: Beastfolk Races

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This product will include Beastfolk, feats, traits, and other Beastfolk-specific things. They must be well-playtested by then. Paizo will be releasing the Advanced Races Guide in April 2012. A playtest for Advanced Races Guide will begin in the fall 2011.

Target release date

May 2012



Race Status Notes
Egalit Playtest Has been played several times at Gen Con
Pantheria Playtest Being played in online game
Testudo Playtest Has been played several times at Gen Con
Boriwog Playtest Has been played several times at Gen Con
Hounding Playtest Has been played several times at Gen Con, some campaign play
Galadines Playtest Has been played several times at Gen Con
Corvus Draft  
Apani Draft  
Lupine Draft Used a few times as NPCs
Muroideans Draft  
Ophidian Draft  
Selkie Draft  
Simian Draft Played a little in a campaign
Ursidian Draft Being played in online game



Race: Boriwog (Boars) (with PF points)»
Boriwogs Boriwogs are beastfolk that resemble human-boar hybrids. They are known for their ferocity...
This page is to link all the various beastfolk races in one place. bySwarm Beastfolk Buzzkin/Apini...
Race: Testudo (Tortoises) (with PF points)»
Testudo   Testudo are humanoid tortoises created by School of Metamorphosis Wizards...
Race: Lupines (Wolves) (with PF points)»
  Lupines  Lupines have formed the backbone of the Sascrian military for generations (...
Race: Galidines (Mongoose) (with PF points)»
Galidines   Galidines are beastfolk who were developed from human-mongoose hybrids.  They...


The Glorious Society of Progenitors»
The Glorious Society of Progenitors Sascrian...
Tiddle is a ratkin living in the Beastfolk-held...
Rokinu is the tengu leader of a group of...
Arctoria the Frozen North»
20 miles north of the nation of Rhyrjia lies the...
Ragnar Coalheart adjusted»
Ragnar Coalheart the Blacksmith 2 Barbarian/4...
Beorinvulk (Bear-Folk) (with PF points thanks Robo!)»
Beorinvulk Prior to the Collapse, the Sascrian...
Grackle is a trickster deity that is known to...