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And the winner is...

After months of writing, discussion and debate, we now know the first setting to be built by the Swarm! Our first project will be the construction of Dark Golden Age, a concept created by Satyr.

For centuries, the world of the Dark Golden Age was ruled by wizards and spellcasters. But since magic comes in tides, ages of high magic and ages of low magic alternate and the current Age of High magic has come to grinding halt. Old structures of authority around powerful wizard-potentates collapse, and new groups strive for power. The old magocracy makes place for new kingdoms. The mundane majority which was subjugated for centuries rise again and sheds the joke of their former masters, technological developments which were hold back for centuries through the wizard’s dominance blossom up, while the sheer wonder of magic shrivels.

Dark Golden Age: http://byswarm.com/setting-concept/dark-golden-age

Stage 2

The vote to decide the system and the surrounding discussion will go for at least two weeks and perhaps as much as four weeks. As we get into Stage 2, you should think about the different systems we are considering along these areas:

  • compatibility - how well does the system fit the setting
  • established market - what's the market for the setting based on the system
  • personal taste - how much do you like the system
  • experience - whether you have played or run the system

Cast your vote now!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a setting concept and especially to everyone who submitted a review. We are all part of the Swarm, and we are all going to be working together to make a great setting!


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Congratulations for the winner!