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Post your concept review today!

Thanks to everyone who submitted an RPG setting concept. We received a number of creative and exciting concepts from the Swarm, and now we have to do the hard work of writing reviews of the concepts that have been submitted. Many of you have already reviewed a number of concepts, and we send you our thanks for that effort! In fact, anyone who submitted a setting concept or who posts a review will be added to a special group called the Hive.

Top Setting Concepts: http://byswarm.com/contest/top

The Hive is one way for us to give recognition to everyone that has been an active participant in the formative months of bySwarm. What exactly being a member of the Hive will mean is yet to be announced. If you have not submitted a setting concept or posted any reviews, now is the time.

We will be accepting setting concept reviews through February 27th. The reason for this short turnaround is twofold. One, there was no massive influx of setting concepts at the very end that would necessitate adding more time to the schedule. Two, there are event submission deadlines for Origins and Gen Con coming up soon. We want to submit events to Origins and Gen Con in the new setting we are building so that we can introduce the Swarm's game design to larger audiences.

It is not too late to help set the direction for the next revolution in RPG design. We are all part of the Swarm.