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Throw open the gates!

The Dark Golden Age and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

After a month of discussion and voting, the system has been selected for the first bySwarm project - the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Almost everyone that voted had Pathfinder Roleplaying Game as their first or second option with more than half having it as their first choice. There will be a lot of opportunity to write setting material as well as to develop new feats, spells and other mechanics that capture the feeling of the Dark Golden Age!

Stage 3 - Building the Setting

The site is all ready to go to start building the setting. There are a couple features that I am still working to complete in the coming days, but you can start contributing now. You can start contributing from the Create page:


You'll also notice a little block in the upper right of the content. It will have an arrow if you didn't write it. If you like that piece of content for any reason, click on the block to give it a vote showing that you like it. It could be because you think it's creative, perhaps it inspires you or maybe the writing is really good.

Gen Con

As you start to plan your summer vacations, I highly recommend putting Gen Con Indy on your short list of places to visit. We now have four different distinct sessions in ten different slots! Whether you are a contributor or completely unfamiliar with the efforts of the Swarm, these sessions will be useful for you. We will have seminars for using bySwarm as well as RPG play sessions that will introduce the Dark Golden Age.