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Sarkan Tribelands

Sarkan Masks


Sarkan Masks

Masks play an important role in Sarkan culture; these artifacts function as conduits to their spiritual self, although few become physically manifest.  The masks themselves must be crafted by the individual who uses them as they are a reflection of their inner soul.  While some masks from great heroes have been passed down from time to time, these items exhibit great power and what some may consider a mind of their own.  Masks come in many shapes, colors and represent different aspects of an individual, a few common themes have been reco

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The Sarkan Tribelands


The tribelands are not a nation, but the homeland of the different tribes of the Sarkan people – or at least of the Northern tribes, as there is a smaller tribal population further south in Ustern as well. The Sarkan steppes are officially a part of the Kingdom of Rhyrghia, but due to the immense sociocultural differences between the Sarkans and the Rhyrghians and the very limited influence of the High King, this affiliation is mostly limited to the official titles and a few symbolic tributes the tribesmen pay.

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