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We're submitting a Kickstarter project for approval on Friday to get our first product completed. The project is going to be an e-module for the iPad that uses many of the capabilities of the format: embedded audio, interactivity, and much more. Feel free to discuss here.


While I love many of the improvements that PDFs offer over printed RPG books, I feel like they are just an evolutionary step. The vast majority of PDFs are simply digital versions of their paper counterparts. What we'd like to do with this project is to take full advantage of the e-book format to produce a revolutionary new e-module for the Pathfinder RPG that greatly enhances the gaming experience for players and their GM. 

Check out the project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bySwarm/an-e-module-thats-more-than-a-pdf-for-pathfinder-r

An e-module that's more than a PDF - For Pathfinder RPG -- Kicktraq Mini

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